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8 Feb


In Romanian popular tradition February is called Faurar, but I would call this month Eros. Why? Because in this period of the year, people celebrate the most elevating human feeling- love. This how the idea to make a post series about love came to life. Starting today I'll present you #FiftyShadesofRed. The main role is played by the red colour while fashion directs the entire action of the series. There will a total of 10 parts with 50 items in different tones of red, five for each post.The first episode is called "Shoe Love is True Love". Can someone contradict this quote? Us, women, know that is true. We are much to vulnerable to this tentation. Shoes are...
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2 Sep

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

Summer has left us, and although we may not see that bright sun in the sky for much longer before the Autumn wheather rolls in. I am a summer person, but I could say that I like all of the seasons, for different reasons. What I like about fall season? Well… is that time when I like to whip out my favorite sweaters and riding boots. The time to bust out my best and most fashionable attire. It is the perfect time to wear the scarfs that have been hanging in the closet. All this in a perfect setting! I mean… nature give us a spectacular show of color and richness before we are plunged in to winter. What about you? I...
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