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8 Feb


In Romanian popular tradition February is called Faurar, but I would call this month Eros. Why? Because in this period of the year, people celebrate the most elevating human feeling- love. This how the idea to make a post series about love came to life. Starting today I’ll present you #FiftyShadesofRed. The main role is played by the red colour while fashion directs the entire action of the series. There will a total of 10 parts with 50 items in different tones of red, five for each post.
The first episode is called “Shoe Love is True Love”. Can someone contradict this quote? Us, women, know that is true. We are much to vulnerable to this tentation. Shoes are…love at first sight. Today that is very possible. I picked 5 pairs of red shoes to which you can swear eternal love.
About Valentino there’s no need to make any commentary. They are stars for many seasons. Easy to wear to almost any outfit, elegant, rock, sporty chic and so on. On the other side, we have a pair of red patent shoes from Miu Miu. These are for the powerful woman, aware of her sexuality. Great for a romantic dinner or for a cocktail party, they will mark an unforgettable night. When it comes to styling, less is more. A playful woman will always choose the pair from Topshop. They are perfect for the fans of chic, boho or the ethnic style. The patent leather shoes made in Romania, Musette, are perfect for the woman who has a more classic approach to style. They perfectly complete a two piece suit. George J. Love are the perfect shoes for playful women. “Matching” is her fav game. Every apparition is to fall in love with.
Until next time… Just love!
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