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4 Feb

How to spend 7 amazing days in Tenerife – part 1

What to do 7 days in Tenerife

To swim in the ocean, at 28 degrees, in January, while in Bucharest are -15 degrees, there’s no need to fly around half the globe. I chose to spend a one week vacation on an exotic island which isn’t that far from Europe. More exactly, in Tenerife, where you can go with line flights ( the stopover can be strenous – 7 hours in Madrid) or with low cost flights ( like Ryannair). It depends how much you are willing to spend on the ticket.

Attention, because many times the low-cost airline baggage extra costs can be 2-3 the ticket itself.

But let’s get over the little transport details and tell you what Tenerife meant to me and what you can do there in seven days.

Tenerife by car

I wanted to explore the whole island, so I rented a car. The prices are from 100 euros for 7 days.

As for accommodation I chose an apartment in Costa del Silencio, which I rented through AirBnb. It was more advantageous, price, wise than a hotel room.

After a few hour of sleep on the sunbed and a delicious lunch with fish & shrimps, I left for the first adventure in Masca. Who was there before will perfectly understand why I’m saying adventure. The road up there is made up of the largest cluster of 180 degrees  curves  I’ve seen so far. In some areas is restricted to one band.

Let me tell you that I was afraid that the car may not be able to climb the hill, even in 1st gear (not having a car with a powerful engine). But once up on the top of the mountains, the scenery is wonderful.

Masca (“Lost Village” or “pirate village” of Tenerife) is the second attraction on the island after Mount Teide and it is not hard to see why. This village, located at an altitude of 600 meters, offers an impressive view and a soothing vibe. For those who love tracking, equipped and trained, descent to the beach is the real challenge (next time I go equipped). On the road you have the opportunity to test and buy all kinds of cactus-based products. From here you can take the boat to Los Gigantes.

From Masca to Buenavista del Norte I had another surprise. The island is incredible. The south is very dry and rocky and that the northern part is rainy and some arable land. And everything changes in only 80km. Now you’re in the area full of rocks and as soon as you get past the pinnacle, everything is green and wet areas of agriculture.

The fast way the  landscape is changing is absolutely fascinating. I went on to Playa Punta de Teno, the most western point of the island, where we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets.

I do not recommend you return to Playa las Americas at night on the road that passes through Masca. It is too adventurous and dangerous. Try to El Tanque, Santiago del Teide again and from there to straight roads.

The Transfagarasan of Tenerife

The next day I discovered another wonderful road (like Transfagarasan) to Taganana, towards the east of the island. It was a little cloudy for the beach, but I watched the beginner surfers who struggled to catch the wave. If you arrive in the area, I recommend a cheap restaurant with good food. It doesn’t look spectacular, but with 33 euro 2 people can eat very good (shrimp, octopus, fish and a couple other snacks on the house). The place is called Los Roques de Anaga.

On the way back to Costa del Silencio we made a stop in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for a cup tea overlooking the ocean, in Auditorio de Tenerife, an work by Santiago Calatrava.

But the biggest revelation I had when I wanted to once again admire the ocean after the sunset. On the huge stones that protect the auditorium are painted famous musicians. I then researched and found that 100 faces are painted by an artist from Bulgaria. If you arrive on daylight  you can search for your favorite singer.

So far I have covered only two days of my vacation. In the next posts I will tell you how I came to practice SUP. You do not know what that is? I will tell!

If you were in Tenerife, leave me a comment below. Tell me  how it was and upload a beautiful photo.


Photos by Rares Pulbere

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    Tenerife inca nu, dar in Gran Canaria am fost de 3 ori si din cate am aflat de la prietenii mei, care au fost pe ambele insule, diferenta consta in faptul ca Tenerife are con la vulcan :))) Pentru Gran Canaria am avut noroc sa am escala intre 2 si 4 ore, dar tot obositor este drumul. Partea buna e ca merita din plin si la intoarcere am fost atat de incarcata de energie pozitiva, incat nici nu a mai contat escala.

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