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26 Dec

Travel journal

My dears, today I want to talk about one of my biggest passions, travel. I don’t know many people who don’t like to travel, to discover the world, but I certainly met people who complain about the road to the destination. I am one of those persons who never get bored, no matter how long the road. Even if I choose the car, the train or the plane, I always have something to do or I just enjoy the road and listen to music. I have to admit that my favourite trips are the ones by plane. From the moment I set foot in the airport I have an absolute feeling of freedom. Even if I have motion sickness and I need to find a certain state of relaxation in order not to get sick, I’m always first when it comes to traveling by plane. 

In the last four years I celebrated New Year’s Eve with family or friends, but this year I feel the need to escape, to do something different. As I was saying in the last post, I feel the need to reconnect with myself, with nature. That’s why I chose Panama as a destination. It’s a country with a lot of nature reserves, the place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Pacific Ocean, volcanoes, wild beaches and many other natural beauties which I want to explore in this trip.


Before every trip I want to find out something about that country to know how to prepare. Even if I am a detail maniac and I like knowing that I have everything I might need with me, I always leave a dose of suspense regarding the place I travel to. I like the unexpected, which I hope is always going to surprise me in a good way, to experiment new roads, to leave and explore without a final destination. 

The biggest challenge for me is the moment when I prepare my luggage. I start thinking a week before with what items I want to make the outfits, what type of creams I take with me according to the climate at the destination, the needs of my skin at that moment, so only existential problems. But I want you to believe me that this things give me a lot of pleasure. I always get to finish the luggage in the night I’m leaving, sometimes I stay awake all night, but I’m not tired, because I’m about to do something different. 

After this long story about my little travel obsessions I want to show you some things which I prepared for my holiday luggage, some of them in pictures. 

The carry-on bag 
is also under some strict regulations. I always have a transparent kit (so I don’t need to move them in plastic bags) where you can find the hand cream, gloss, mirror, wet wipes, napkins, a mattifying powder, the travel version of my perfume etc. The newest products from this standard kit are: the hand cream and cuticle oil from Sabio, lips hidration from Apivita, gloss from Wjcon. The Louis Vuitton wallet is very well divided and that’s why I carry it with me everywhere, except from the evening bags. The laptop or iPad and the extra memory are also present in the bag of every blogger and in mine also. The last accessory I bought is the gadget wallet from Wallethouse. It’s perfect for business cards and bank cards. It will be very useful, especially in this trip. Panama is a beautiful country, but also controversial. I heard that theft is not very uncommon, also other crimes. This wallet with perfect design protects my card against data theft through scanning, but also against demagnetization or bending. 

The checking piece or pieces of luggage (I haven’t decided yet):


-every day with its outfit (photo), but for these I don’t have pictures yet. I still have two days to decide all the outfits I’m going to wear. Some other items which are not in the program, but might fit at some party will definitely be added on the last minute. 


-three cosmetics and skincare kits. No matter how much I try, I can’t make them smaller. This year I have a regenerating treatment for my hair and almost a whole kit contains these products. The regenerating petroleum lotion from Gerovital combined with the hair grow stimulating serum from Sabio are a mask which I keep in my hair the whole night, and in the morning I wash my hair with Nioxin nr 3 range for volume. Hairspray and oil from Moroccan Oil, eye cream, face scrub and teeth cleaning powder from Sabio, rose water by Pure, Daiana Anghel, body lotion from Nuxe with gradual tanning and the alum stone are some of my favourite products for this trip. 


On the cosmetics side I chose foundation creams with solar protection, Collistar and Shiseido, protection for lips, mattifying powder from Mac, two favourite nailpolish shades, SI perfume, two color palettes for eyes from Too Faces and Make Up Forever, eyebrow corrector from Anastasia, gloss and lipsticks from Wjcon, H&M, Dior, Nyx. 

All these and others I might add on the way certainly make three kits. 

As you can see, I thought about almost everything. It’s only left to see what I will discover at my destination. But about these things I will keep  you posted on my Instagram and Facebook pages and when I return I will give you a full report about my discoverings. 

Wish me luck. And I wish you an amazing year ending. See you online. 

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