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24 Dec

Happy Christmas!

My dears, I don’t know about you, but lately I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything that I want. I’m on continous stir, trying to be multitasking, but sometimes I forget about important things. 
Why am I talking to you about time in a Christmas post? Because on these occasions I try to make up for the time I didn’t spend with my kids and the rest of my family. I’m sure I can’t compensate for restless months with three or four relaxing days, but I have a very good feeling even if I compensate with short rounds. One of the things on my wish list for 2015 is this: more free time to spend with my family and taking care of my body and soul. And I wish this for you too. I’m sure each of us is searching for new horizons, wants to advance in career, but this affects mostly our relationship with ourselves. At least that’s how I feel. So I wish for you what I wish for myself. 
Besides that, I wish you all health, because it’s the best, as they say and they are right, peace in your souls and inspiration for the New Year. 


Thank you C&A for our outfits, Rawyal Brunch & Cakes for the healthy delices and Kuxa for the location. 


Photography by IULIANA POPESCU 


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Happy Christmas!
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