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12 Feb

How to spend 7 amazing days in Tenerife- part 2

How to discover Mars in Tenerife If in the last post I told you how I traveled the island by car and how I arrived in Masca, The Pirate Village, today I will tell you how I climbed one of the greatest volcanoes.  After two days of  wandering the island from west to east, it was time for a beach day. The most popular and visited is Playa de las Americas, where you can admire surfers dancing on ocean waves. It is an interesting view, ladies! Playa de las Americas is known for its bustling nightlife, but also for all types of restaurants. Unfortunately, I can not recommend any club because I didn’t attend any. Like I said in the first post, I...
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4 Feb

How to spend 7 amazing days in Tenerife – part 1

What to do 7 days in Tenerife To swim in the ocean, at 28 degrees, in January, while in Bucharest are -15 degrees, there’s no need to fly around half the globe. I chose to spend a one week vacation on an exotic island which isn’t that far from Europe. More exactly, in Tenerife, where you can go with line flights ( the stopover can be strenous - 7 hours in Madrid) or with low cost flights ( like Ryannair). It depends how much you are willing to spend on the ticket. Attention, because many times the low-cost airline baggage extra costs can be 2-3 the ticket itself. But let’s get over the little transport details and tell you what Tenerife meant to...
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