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21 Jan

Beanie Hats

While we are waiting for spring it’s good to stay away from the cold. And not in any way, but in the most stylish way possible. We cover our head, but how? The hats are not exactly the most efficient solution against cold. Our ears will freeze. We still have an option- the fur cap. But…yes, I know. They are not the coolest. But we can make them. Forget the classic one. Now you can wear beanie fur caps (English term). They make you think about the Smurfs, but they are cool. This is the coolest and most stylish way of protecting our head from the cold. What is more, these beanie hats go with every outfit. Try them and...
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20 Jan


It’s not poncho and it’s not a cape either. It’s an oversized scarf, appreciated by the designers and stylists this season. Besides the fact that it warms you up in the cold days, it’s an accessory that can give a stylish allure to your outfits. It’s usually worn over one shoulder, over a jacket or a coat. Adding it to an outfit is also a choice of personal style. You definitely need some attitude to wear such an item. At the beginning, you can pick a casual outfit, but in time, through practice, you can experiment with other clothing styles. The effect is wow!Photography by IULIANA POPESCU Hair by CAMELIA NEGREA Make up by BIANCA MARCAI'm wearing: Oversized square / ZARA, Trench...
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13 Jan


My dears, greetings from the hot countries. From Panama, to be exact. If you follow my social media accounts, I guess you already saw a part of this adventure. Obviously, I will prepare a series of materials about everything this trip meant. You know that every time I shared with you my holiday experiences. Today I prepared a casual outfit, with H&M items. I have to admit that I often wear the black jeans. I have a little obsession for them. The blouse is very effective. Even more for the fact that it’s made of eco fur. Powdered pink is still the top of my prefferences. Why la vie en rose? From the color of the top of today’s outfit. And secondly,...
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5 Dec

Knitwear is very trendy

 The sweater is one of the most popular items from our wardrobe this season. We wear it firstly for its warmth, but at the same time it’s an item which will never get out of fashion. From one season to the other, designers tried to redraw it, exactly the way it happened with this winter’s collections. For a sophisticated and trendy look, the biggest fashion houses proposed sweaters accessorized with fur, combined with leather articles, or went for all-knit outfits. Me, for example, I mixed for today an oversized sweater, worn as a dress with a thick knit cardigan. For a nicely-shaped silhouette, the belt played its part well in the outfit. It perfecly highlighted the waistline. Conclusion? The sweaters...
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25 Nov


My dear ones, it is almost the end of fall. We are officially heading to winter season. That means it is necessary to prepare ourselves for facing bad and cold weather. As usually, I come forward to support you with hot ideas of styling.  You can play a winning game with this fur coat from H&M. Warm, but cool and eco at the same time. Being colorful, it gives you plenty alternatives for a stylish mix. And considering that trousers are in the top preferences for winter, I chose some classic jeans by a brand of tradition – Lee Cooper. Enjoy!PHOTOGRAPHY BY IULIANA POPESCU LOCATION BUCHAREST ...
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