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17 Sep

My beloved fashionistas,

As I promise, today I’ll announce the winner of the charming special bracelet, designed by Malvensky.  If you are following me on my Official Facebook Page, you probably know that I’m home only from 2 days. Yesterday I sit and I read all your comments and I have to say it, I was so … touched! It was very difficult for me to decide the winner, because everyone of you deserves to fulfil dreams.
I was very impressed, by all of you who wants to become a wife or a mother, because I know, is very important to feel complete as a woman.  I was a wife, but it results that doesn’t worked for me, but being a mother, well this… no one can take it away from me.
I know also how important is for  me to travel, that’s why I agree to all of you … travelers (even if you did this … belive me, you want more) and is good, because we have to meet other people, to see how they live and learn from their culture. 
For all of you who ask for love, I’m joining you.  If we have big achievments and no one to share with, doesn’t counts. People are not made to be alone, they need someone to be on their side.
And finally, but not at least, for all of you who praise for haleness, I think is the greatest thing in the world.  Money can’t buy health for us or our families, that’s why is important to have faith and pray every day for the one we love.
I would like to say thank you to Malvina, because she heard my story and decided, that “Reinvent yourself” is my midle name.
And now….the winner.!!! Is … a very powerful girl and I want to tell her that everything that she is doing for her family, is actually for herself. 
RAMONA you are the winner of this contest! Here it is, her message:
“ Hello, I Always remember the day when I wished for my dad to survive the owfull ilness he had.He didn’t make it, and it is a dream that will never come true. But it helpes me to take care of my family, making all possible to give them a healthy lifestyle. The red thread is a nice way to remember fighting for your dream! We will make it,all of us, beacuse we are beutiful inside. Only a nice soul can wish for a beautiful symbol of his dream! Kisses! ”
Ramona when you read this, (because you didn’t leave me your email) please send me a private message with your phone number so I can contact you and give you the bracelet. Congratulations!
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