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27 Dec


It is said that when choosing a tourist destination, it matters less where you’re going than whom you’re going with. It couldn’t be truer, but then again, besides going with two of your best friends, travelling to a city like London, suddenly your vacation becomes an unforgettable one. And I’m telling you from my own experience. Letting aside the fact that I laughed like I haven’t done it in a long time, I found many new interesting things and places.
My oldest habit, when I get to London, is to stop at the Marks & Spencer’s airport store and get stocked with fresh berries (the first tray of raspberry’s is finished on the spot) a habit that usually repeats the entire length of my stay there. Actually, my main course consists of these delicious fruits and raw seeds, all from the above mentioned store which I highly recommend to you.

Remaining on the subject, I found an area, with a lot of interesting terraces and restaurants, near the Southbank Centre, where I was also told, that the night life is very intense, but unfortunately I did not have the time to experiment. Le Pain Quotidien is a very welcoming place where you can meet a lot of new people, since you are all staying together at a very long table. The food is also very good, the only thing to avoid being the detox salad, that especially if you aren’t planning to eat four separate piles of vegetables.

 And as you can’t go to London without doing a little shopping, I will tell you which my favorite places are. If you love window shopping (as I do) I highly recommend you to visit Selfridges on 400 Oxford Street. Every time I visit I am amazed by their visual merchandiser’s imagination. The interior arrangements are also very interesting so you can enter with confidence and find the brand’s selection delightful…. at least visually.

There are four stores that I love in London and some you can’t find anywhere else: Topshop, River Island, Urban Outfitters and Other Stories. They all have trendy clothes and accessories at very affordable prices. If you’ve heard about the first 3, about Other Stories I can tell you that is a new brand (it came on the market in 2013) and is part of the same company  as H & M. Prices are a little bit higher than H&M but so is the quality. You can find it at 256-258 Regent Street.

About London’s landmarks I’m sure you’ve heard enough and I won’t mention any of them here, but if you go there for the first time and you have questions, leave me a comment and I will help you with pleasure.

So, if you get to London and you’ve liked any of my recommendations, I expect a picture from you, just like that… in despite. 🙂
Lots of kisses and A Happy New Year with many, many trips!

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