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19 Feb

My Palau adventure – Part III

Peleliu Island Bloody Beach

The last part of my Palau adventure began on the island of Peleliu, where one of the most important battles between Americans and Japanese took place in World War II

The island is full of remnants reminiscent of the bloody battle. Rusty tanks, guns, and holes in Mount Umurbrogol, from where the  Japanese were defending themselves.

Photos by Rares Pulbere

Peleliu Island World War II Palau Travel

I was telling you in the previous post that we stayed at Storyboard, a complex of 6 houses overlooking the beach. The place is very well maintained, good food, but in the evening is better to stay indoors because it is full of insects, crabs and other creatures.

Storyboard Hotel Peleliu Island Palau Travel

Storyboard Hotel Peleliu Island Palau Travel

In fact the whole island has live beaches in the evening. I do not recommend to venture and I’m telling you from my own experience because we tried to see the stars on the beach, but we quit immediately.

The most beautiful way is to discover the island by bike. It has 13 square kilometers and very few main roads, making it easy to explore on bike. The rest of the island is a jungle and you should be cautious if you want to try the back roads.

Biking in Peleliu Island Palau Travel

The most beautiful beaches are Honeymoon Beach and Bloody Beach.

Bloody Beach Peleliu Island Palau Travel

Honey Moon Beach Peleliu Island Palau Travel

Upon returning to Koror we chose to travel by boat and on this occasion we visited many places of interest in Palau. Snorkeling in the The German Chanel, where we saw the most colorful and varied species of fish, white mud treatment with mud taken directly from the bottom of the Milky Way lake, and the usual stops on various islands for lunch. Each island has something special and it is a pleasure to discover it.

Snorkeling in German Channel, Palau Island

Milky Way, Palau Island

After this adventure a relaxing day and walk to the museum was welcomed. Actually two museums. Belau National Museum is the oldest museum in Micronesia and has a beautiful garden where you can relax. Etipson Museum hosts all sorts of debris on the island even shark teeth, which you can also buy as souvenirs.

No more water and beach for today! Just enjoying this small crowded #koror. Happy Monday!!!!

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In the evening we drank a cocktail at Palau Pacific Resort and saw the most spectacular sunset on the island.

Palau Pacific resort sunset in Palau Island

And because we had good weather during our stay, the island gave us in our last day here, a “small” storm. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if we did not had an organized tour on Carp Island. The boat ride was relatively quiet, but when we arrived it started pouring down. Even if the torrential rain and wind stopped at one point, the drizzle didn’t left us to enjoy much of this beautiful island. It is a beautiful place and it’s on my accommodation wishlist, if I’m ever gonna get back to this corner of the world.

Carp island Palau

With my flip flop sliding through the mud and with an improvised cape (because my  blue dress was all wet) we toured the mangroves and millions of shells of creatures, to the beach with white sand and turquoise water, scenery you see only in movies.

Mangrove Carp island Palau

Carp Island Plau

The day wasn’t totally wasted  and we tried to enjoy the scenery as much as the weather allowed us.

We ended the evening triumphantly with a bat soup, which shook social media. Yes, it was disgusting and I would never eat it. Rares still lives after eating it and says it tastes like duck, but dull. I skipped gladly over supper and made many memories at a large table full of Czechs and Romanians. Aaa. I forgot to tell you that I met two Romanians at the end of the world, with whom we remained friends.

Bat Soup Dinner Palau Island

That is the beauty of travel. Discover new people, new cultures and feel rich suddenly.

And with this positive energy I was ready for a three days plane ride, sleeping in my seat, Taipei trip and my meeting with Amsterdam.

The shock was quite high when you go from 30 degrees to 4 degrees, but it was worth it and it is a on big wish list.

Amsterdam Palau Island KLM

I do not know if I managed to describe in these three posts, all I experienced in Palau, but if you ever want to get there and you need advice, do  not forget to write me  and I’ll help you with everything I know.

I wish you a life of amazing journeys and discoveries,

Kiss, kiss.

Milky Way Palau Island Travel

Evening in Peleliu Island Palau Travel

World War II Peleliu Island Palau Travel

Storyboard Hotel Peleliu Island Palau Travel

Biking in Peleliu Island palau travel

Bloody Beach Peleliu Island Palau travel

Honeymoon beach Peleliu Island Palau Travel

Milky Way Palau Travel

Snorkeling in German Channel Palau Travel

Palau Pacific Resort sunset Palau Travel

Carp Island Palau Travel

Bat soup dinner Palau Travel

Amsterdam palau travel

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