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23 Jan

8 tips for a warm outfit

An eskimo suit is the correct answer. But how do you combine fashion with the practical side? That was my biggest dilemma in the 2 weeks I spent in Brasov.

At approximately -15 degrees and windy, it was a real adventure to go out dressed in anything else than the ski suit. You’ve certainly seen that on instagram.

I’m the #snowman!!! -20 degrees, wind and a lot a snow is the perfect combination.

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Still, I had a few days in which I managed to do a styling somewhat suited for the season. The secret lies in the quality of the clothes that come in direct contact with your skin and layering.

So, here are my 8 rules when making a warm outfit are:

On the upper body I use a shirt and a turtle neck blouse (which I wear when skiing also) great at low temperatures. I found a very good set at Decathlon. It is very important to be tight, so it won’t add 5 kg extra.

– Under the jeans or trousers also wear a pair of leggings for low temperatures.

– I do layering. A t-shirt or a  longer cotton shirt with a thick sweater or skirt over trousers. Believe me, it help ..

– Also in Decathlon I found some heat patches and that you can put in your gloves, shoes or even on your back.

– I wear 2 rows of gloves. Some tight like the type for photographers and stylish ones over.

– I choose long furry coats or a jackets. They protect you better than a short jacket.

– I try to accessorise the outfit with a hat or a cap. Looks stylish, but also keeps you warm.

– Use flannel, denim or leather. They are materials that keep you warm and they are very enduring.

If you have tips that will help me not look like an Eskimo, pleeease share.

What I wear?

Mongolian denim Urban Post /A white T-shirt just for picture AI had a pulover over/Leather imitation trousers H&MBoots Musette / Hat Philip Treacy / Bag Carmen Negoita & Yvy Bags

Shirt and pullover Zara Jeans H&MCoat Carmen Negoita & Urban PostClutch Carmen Negoita& Yvy BagsBoots Musette

Denim Coat Pull&BearJeans H&MHoodie BershkaBoots Musette / Backpack Garkony

I did it! 2 years later I’m on my skies again. #poianabrasov #brasov

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