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16 Jan

7 cities I want to visit in 2017

One of my greatest wishes in 2017, is to travel. And I do not mean in legal holidays or take a city break two 2 times a year. I want to become a professional traveler. Wow how does that sounds.? In black and white it sounds pompous even to me. I am very conscious that my wish in this moment is not feasible, but I think it’s not impossible. So, let’s say it’s a long-term desire and what I’ll do in the next 12 months will bring me closer to my dream.

So this year will begin with a short list of seven new cities that I want to visit. Some are being planned, but the vast majority of them are on still on the wishlist !

I can’t say I had a particular criteria on which they have been chosen. Some I’ve seen in pictures and I was fascinated, some from the descriptions of some friends who were there. And from all of them we have selected a few that seem achievable.

First on my list is Prague. It’s on the wish list for a long time and at the beginning of this year we wanted to do a road trip, but the snow canceled our plans. This year we will definitely get there.

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Lisbon. For 3 years I’ve been hearing positive opinions about this city and about Portugal in general, so we have to see it.

Jerusalem or any other city in Israel. 2 years ago I was on the verge of booking a trip with my  children in the holy land, but because it was a difficult trail and children were not accepted I gave up and went with them to another destination. I think this year will be achieved and you finally see those places that I read about in the Bible. Finger crossed!

Eguisheim is on my list for some time. It is a small town / village in France that invaded my instagram feed. I recently saw Ioana Grama’s  pictures from Colmar, another neighbouring town and decided that it’s a must to go. With one trip I check off this whole area that seems taken from a fairytale.

New Delhi, but I think I’m happy with any other city in India. I talked with friends about 2 years about a trip to this country and lately we’ve seen very good prices on flights. So this year India seems achievable. God help us!

Dubrovnik is part of a road trip, I dream to take for 2 years. Quite close to us and very achievable, but somehow I didn’t take it last time, but this year I have to. If not,  it will be on next years wishlist.

And for the last destination, I chose something harder to do, to motivate me to work harder, ha!  Musha Cay is an exclusive island in the Bahamas and belongs to David Coperfield. I hope he’ll do an illusion yet ? and be there for the next New Year’s Party. I’m not asking for much.

Let’s have a 2017 full of travels and experiences!


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