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Carmen Negoita / Personal Style (Page 12)
6 Aug


Androgyny has always been a source of interest and intrigue. But as society's boundaries have changed, so too have the masculine-feminine boundaries blurred. From ambiguous sexual and physical attributes evolving to a more relaxed stance on gender-blurring fashion, we look at the changing face of androgyny - and how women's fashion is taking a masculine turn for summer.   The history books are littered with examples of androgynes who captivated society with their pleasant gender-bending confusion. But while the concept is not a new one, they were historically figures who rebelled against society’s norms. They were the Beau Brummels, the David Bowies, the Coco Chanels and Marlene Dietrichs. Now, with the boundaries of what’s acceptable being more and more blurred, the time...
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24 Jul


The jumpsuit trend has a great history. It hasn’t been created lately. Just a new and modern approach has been added to it. Thus, the jumpsuit style is compiled with new fashionable elements. It was fashionable during the ancient times. Women who introduced the fashion were provided with jumpsuits in 1919.   The summer 2013 fashion trends bring back the stylish and elegant outfit. The jumpsuit trend comes in all styles, colors, prints and materials. Thus, it is suitable to wear both during the day and night. You can put it on while going to work, or to the beach. You can rely on the jumpsuit on any occasion.   If you have never dared to wear jumpsuits before because of your personal reasons...
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19 Jul


Mini skirts are funny items that are never really out of style. Here's how to look amazing in one.   Choose the right skirt.  Not all minis are equal. Some have more space than others. The classic A-line and bias cuts flatter most women, whilst the tighter variety tends to work best on the long-legged, slim, younger wearer.  - Very tight, short, or otherwise revealing minis tend to be favoured by younger wearers, or those with good physiques.   - A flowing mini creates a softer, more summery feel.   - Older wearers are likely to feel more comfortable in minis that don’t cling. Consider such choices as kilts, wraps and pleats. Darker colours are better for a more professional and elegant look.   - A high-waisted mini can give...
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16 Jul


Since its arrival in the West at the end of the 17th century, the turban has been worn by women, both as an expression of glamour and as a way to keep hair in check. See how the traditional head wrap has evolved over the centuries to become one of fashion's most alluring statement accessories.    The turban has long been worn for necessity as protection from sun and sand in the desert in addition to an important part of their religious costume. The forehead is always left exposed so that it may touch the ground during times of prayer and bowing. The colors and fabric ranges in accordance to class, education, religion, and occasion. For example, pink is associated with Spring...
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5 Jul


This classic skirt flaunts an early-’60s attitude, and the polished daytime look is ever-appropriate. But our A-line obsession is rooted in the universally flattering, hip-and-thigh disguising shape that lets us have our cake and eat it too. And for that, it will always have a place in our closet.   HOW TO WEAR IT   There’s a prim, clean-scrubbed vibe to these skirts. So add a fitted little jacket or a basic belt, and carry a structured bag. And while it may be tempting to slip on a pair of flats, these skirts, especially those that fall below the knee, beg for the height of a ladylike heel.  ...
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2 Jul


Have you seen those fashion icons that bring back a time period, and they look so beautiful? Now you, yes you, can be that fashion icon and make the 60's back in style.   60s APPAREL For a very popular 1960s look, wear a mini skirt with a long collared shirt tied at the collar with a black ribbon, or a smock dress covered in loud patterns finished off with high boots. White patent leather boots, known as “go go” boots are an ideal choice of 60s footwear. Another great 60s look is to wear a striped top or dress put together with black tights or leggings. Wet look PVC was just starting to come into fashion in the 1960s, so these can be...
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19 Jun


Hey fashionistas! I'm so happy to share another post with all of you. Let's see what we have for today. You've probably heard about grunge style and probably you may not know exactly what it means. Read this material and you will know for sure.       If you want a definition heres one from wikipedia:   'The most important event in 1990s fashion was the rise of Grunge fashion in 1992. Grunge fashion was influenced by grunge music, which achieved mainstream popularity in 1992, due to the mainstream success of Nirvana and their hit single Smells Like Teen Spirit. The grunge style resulted in a decline in bright colours, and was dominated by plaid flannel shirts, stonewashed blue jeans, and dark colours like maroon, forest green,...
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