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17 Nov

Homemade ice cream

Even if the summer is gone, for some the ice cream remains their favorite dessert. I am not a big fan of ice cream, but once in a while… couldn’t hurt – particularly the homemade one. Last time I wrote about frozen bananas ice cream, but now I played with some frozen berries. I love forest fruits and every winter I fill in my freezer mostly with berries which I use for smoothies and ice cream. How is it made? A mix of fruits is blended with a small quantity of water or almond milk until you obtain a composition that can be poured in dishes. However, try not to make it too liquid so the flavor of the fruits will preserve.  After...
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15 Aug

Raw vegan ice cream

  We still have a few weeks of summer while we can enjoy the season’s sweets. This week I bring you a very tasteful, easy to make and especially healthy ice cream recipe. Personally, I am not a big fan of ice cream, but this one is absolutely delicious. Tested by me, by my kids and some friends of mine. I hope you like it.Ingredients:Bananas Nuts Vanilla powder Fruits for ornamentFirst of all, leave 5-10 bananas in the fridge (depending on how bug the ice cream you want it to be) for 10-12 hours. Then put the frozen bananas in a blender (it is to be strong or to have an ice breaker knife. I am using Thermomix), add some nuts and a bit...
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