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23 Sep

#LFW Day 3

Denim Mania !!! Denim has always been a trend, but in the last two seasons I've seen a real explosion in designer collections and in street style outfits. I can not say that I dislike it, because I am of fan denim. It is comfortable, stylish and easy to accessorize. For the third day of London Fashion Week, I combined these Zara indigo jeans with a spectacular Venera Arapu dress. A mix of textures, leather, cotton, with back transparencies and a fun print, which is very significant for collection slogan "If the music is too loud, you are too old". As accessories I chose nude platform shoes from Gucci, which make me a little taller, yuppi, an envelope with an interesting design...
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21 Sep

#LFW Day 2

After 14 hours in heels in the first day at London Fashion Week, the second day  I chose more comfortable outfit. The black & white oxford shoes from my collection with Ana Parvan were a hit among photographers, but also a good reason to give my feet a moment of relaxation. Relaxation is inaccurate to say, when I run all day from one show to another. Even in your most comfortable shoes your feet swell. If an outfit is comfortable it doesn't mean it can't be stylish at the same time. My outfit of the day at LFW was "simple" at first sight but with many wow factors. Printed silk, bomber jacket from Argo, combined with a quilted skirt from Irina Schrotter and accessorized...
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24 Mar

Yellow outfit for London Fashion Week

My dears I think that you realized by now that I love yellow. Why ? Yellow is a vibrant, warm color which catches the eye. It symbolizes energy, joy, fertility. But you have to prove some courage when you wear an outfit in such a strong color. Still, if you keep in mind some tips, you make sure you don’t make any mistakes and you stand out in a positive way. For London Fashion Week I decided to wear an outfit where the yellow color was the star. I wore a manually knitted item from Sophia33. About this brand I also wrote here.  Because I decided to wear a monochrome outfit, I paid more attention to the accessories. Because this color is so...
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19 Mar

What i wore on my second day at London Fashion Week AW 2015

My dears, it’s not necessary to reffer to the color of the year anymore. Everyone’s been talking about it… But for this London Fashion Week outfit, I kept that in mind. I chose various red shades and the result was amazing. They say that red is forbidden to shy girls. It’s true! You’ve got guts? It’s absolutely necessary to wear red with an attitude! That’s what I did with my LFW outfit. The outfit was photographed for a long time and admired and it also appeared in some important fashion magazines. Enjoy! Photography by Rares Pulbere ...
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12 Mar

How to wear scottish tartan

I don’t know how it happens, but plaid is always a winner. Every time I bet on this type of outfits I feel very good and it’s like I “stand out in the crowd”. None of my outfits is otherwise than what I just said. For London Fashion Week it was a guaranteed success. Not to talk about the fact that it’s so… brit & scottish. What is more, I don’t know if I had the chance to confess to this, but I have an obsession for green. This outfit satisfied my new chromatic obsession also. I should mention the fact that the shoes are made by me together with Ana Parvan brand. Photography by Rares Pulbere ...
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7 Mar

What I wore at Bora Aksu Show

Make fashion, not war @London Fashion Week We’re enrolling in the army! At least the fashion trends invite us to do it. And not in any way. This time we tame the outfits with a romantic attiduine. We have to mix army elements with soft ones, from the romantic area. The effect is wow! In my outfit I inserted a polka dot silk shirt. I have to admit I didn’t think of such a combination. But if the stylists and desginers decided this thing, we only have to obey and say: Yes, sir! We should believe them, because my outfit was published in Elle UK. In my today’s outfit I feel honoured to wear a pair of shoes created by me together...
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4 Mar

Turquoise heels at London Fashion Week

My dear friends, I am so happy to meet with you again. I suppose you noticed that lately I’ve been missing from the blog. But I had a good reason. Let’s start with the beginning. Firstly, the interface of my site has suffered some modifications and I hope you still like it. I decided to do this in order to improve the blogging settings. Secondly, I was intensely preparing for London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. About all this adventure I’ll tell you in the next posts on the blog. And thirdly, I prepared a capsule shoe collection in collaboration with Ana Parvan. I know you’ve heard that I am a huge shoes admirer and that I own an amazing collection....
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3 Mar

London Fashion Week with Hispanitas

My dears, Today I want to tell you about one of the outfits I wore at London Fashion Week. The black and white suit is part of the latest collection of Ioana Ciolacu, presented at Berlin Fashion Week, the triangular backpack is Cleaneverything for Band of Creators and the shoes are part of the spring-summer collection of Hispanitas. Last fall, together with Dana Savuica and fashion stylist Maria Andrei, I accepted the challenge that each of us will choose five models of shoes that represent us. The shoes, which I wore at London Fashion Week, are part of this little personalized collection. On Wednesday, the fourth of March, the new Hispanitas collection will officially be part of Baneasa Shopping City and the event will be...
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2 Oct


  THOSE GOOD VIBES Well, if you haven’t already noticed, trends from the 80′s and 90′s are making a major reappearance on the runways, and hence, in our closets. The Fall collections showed a plethora of bright and optical prints, as well as rave inspired beauty. A trend made for street style definitely deserves our attention. RAVE ON!   PHOTOGRAPHY BY OANA MIHOC I am wearing: oversized sweatshirt, knitted dress & leather bag from BAND OF CREATORS and H&M boots. KEEP CALM AND RAVE ON Well, nu știu dacă ați observat, dar stilul anilor 80 și 90 au revenit pe catwalk. Probabil ar trebui să faceți un check-in în șifonier. Sigur aveți și voi cel puțin un item în acest trend.  Prin urmare, colecțiile acestei toamne sunt invadate de printuri în culori vibrante și...
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30 Sep


Dears, soon I will return from Paris Fashion Week. If you noticed on my official Facebook page and Instagram account, I already prepared some interesting shootings especially for you. With Paris in background, everything seems to be très fantastique. About PFW… coming soon. Until then, I bring to your attention another photo-set made in London.  Today’s outfit has been admired by so many people, thanks to Burberry’s trench. Pictures speak for themselves. We don’t need other details. I was so happy because instagramed me with this amazing Burberry trench. If you want to stay out in the crowd, this item is the perfect choice. But if you prefer to be discrete, you can choose a camel or a nude Burberry trench. Neutral...
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