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31 Dec

Happy New Year, 2015!

My dears, we reached the end of another year!!! Another year in which we laughed, we cried, we achieved a lot of things and failed at others, but it was definitely an year in which we lived with intensity. At the end of every year I try to make a balance sheet. This year I’m writing about what 2014 meant and of course, a wishlist for 2015. I believe that many of you are doing the same thing and it’s good to analyze yourself, but especially to set high and constructive goals for the next year.  We all want material things and it’s normal, because we’re trying to make sure we have a decent life and the possibility to travel, to...
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28 Aug


My dears,   Unfortunately, there are just a few days left until we say goodbye to summer. It’s true, fall has its beauty, but summer, at least for me, means warn, holiday, fluid outfits, details that I love. How was summer for me? Restless. I have enjoyed just a few full days at the beach, in Turkey, with my kids and my friends. Otherwise, many weekends when I mixed work with the pleasure of visiting new places and beautiful people. Inconvenience? I had it, but I prefer not talking about this in order not to loose the positive energy. I have nice memories, after all, and the most precious ones are linked to our special moments, places and persons in our lives....
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