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31 Dec

Happy New Year, 2015!

My dears, we reached the end of another year!!! Another year in which we laughed, we cried, we achieved a lot of things and failed at others, but it was definitely an year in which we lived with intensity. At the end of every year I try to make a balance sheet. This year I’m writing about what 2014 meant and of course, a wishlist for 2015. I believe that many of you are doing the same thing and it’s good to analyze yourself, but especially to set high and constructive goals for the next year. 
We all want material things and it’s normal, because we’re trying to make sure we have a decent life and the possibility to travel, to discover the world and its cultures. To accomplish all that we want health, of course. These two points can be found on my list and on many of yours. The most neglected aspect in the past years was the soul area, the part where you put the inside harmony first. I have to admit that until this year I’ve never thought about what it means to have a place for physical and especially mental detoxification, for cleaning the body and the mind. I didn’t know what it means and I didn’t realize that I needed it, that we all need it. 
We live in the century of speed and we’re trying to achieve very many things in a short time. Besides that, we live in a world that physically feeds us with unhealthy stuff and feeds our spirit with envy, gossip and free evil. We have a saying  from old times that says: “the pot calls the kettle black”. We live according to other people’s opinions and this makes us vulnerable. That’s why we need to escape from time to time. 
Blogging is also a world where you are under the scrutiny of a lot of people, people who follow you and for whom you are a source of inspiration. My passion for everything that fashion is helps me a lot of times to forget about fatigue and negative comments. My blog means style and personal life, an online journal which you follow because you like some things, but certainly not all of them will please you. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s the ultimate test even in everyday life: to appreciate what we like, to try to tolerate the things that we don’t like and to do something about the things that harm us.
So this year, besides health for me and my family and professional goals, I want to make more time for inner purification. So in order to remember all the time about this promise I made to myself, I chose a Pandora charm which is named Wellness and has a nice motto: “When harmony exists inside, it prevails outside, too”. The model of the charm is an ancient symbol representing the Universe, meditation, wellness and acknowledging the world around us, especially. 
I want you to establish a goal for 2015 also which will bring you spiritual fulfillment. And because it’s the month of gifts, I want to offer you a Pandora bracelet and a charm from the Essence collection which will remind you of this goal always. (you can choose one of the values proposed by Pandora, Essence collection
Write a comment on the blog or Instagram with #your goal #carmennegoita#pandora and the bracelet and the Pandora charm can be yours. Don’t forget to leave your email address. The contest is until the 15th of January.
Example: #creativity #carmennegoita #pandora
I wish you a wonderful 2015, with a lot more accomplishments than 2014 and spiritual fulfillment. Happy New Year, my dears! 

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Happy New Year, 2015!
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