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7 Jan


It’s over! The holidays are over, we’re over cooking and the heavy meals (for those who did that), and now we’re going back to the daily routine and of course the eternal fight with the kilograms we’ve gained these weeks.

I have to admit that I tasted pretty much goodies these days, and now, in vacation (besides huge quantities of tropical fruit) I tasted all kinds of specialties. But when I get home I’ll start the same routine as you.

In my long trips around the country I eat unhealthy things sometimes, but I take care to do a detoxification after I get home. They usually last one day, but detoxification is perfect for as many days as you can. And after holidays it’s more than welcome.

I created three juices for myself (one made of fruit and two of vegetables) for one day, and between them I drink water and more kinds of tea. If you want to follow my example I’m going to show you how they’re made.

In the morning I drink ginger tea, and after that I make my fruit juice. It contains sugars and it gives me energy. I put two oranges, one apple, a big carrot, one cm of ginger, lemon juice, which I squeeze in a slow juicer in order for them to keep as many nutritive properties as possible.

For lunch I chose a red juice which contains: beet, carrot, orange, ginger, turmerique. An antioxidants infusion for lunch.

For the evening I always choose green, alkalizing: spinach, broccoli, cucumber, salad, parsley, apple and lemon juice. Choose the vegetables you like from these or use them all. If you add a little spirulina and chlorella you have extra nutrients.

Try them with confidence, because they don’t taste bad. I’m waiting for you to convince yourselves and write to me about how it worked.

For this new year I wish you a lot of health and beauty. Exercise as much as you can, let’s eat healthier and take care of ourselves. Good luck with all the goals you have!

Sweet kisses from Panama!

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