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15 Jan

How to get back in shape after the holidays

During this period, after the holidays, we hear more and more about how to get back in shape and how the fastest solution is detox. Well, let me tell your that this detox is often misunderstood. For many, it means eating everything they can today and, tomorrow, for 3-5 days, consume only juice. And that's it! Then return to the disorganized eating habits of before. I believe this approach is more harmful to the body than not doing at all. Our body has a memory and, over time, gets used to our habits. When we suddenly decide to eat healthy for a short period of time, it gets confused. A detox should be a restart to another kind of lifestyle and our...
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7 Jan


It’s over! The holidays are over, we’re over cooking and the heavy meals (for those who did that), and now we’re going back to the daily routine and of course the eternal fight with the kilograms we’ve gained these weeks.I have to admit that I tasted pretty much goodies these days, and now, in vacation (besides huge quantities of tropical fruit) I tasted all kinds of specialties. But when I get home I’ll start the same routine as you.In my long trips around the country I eat unhealthy things sometimes, but I take care to do a detoxification after I get home. They usually last one day, but detoxification is perfect for as many days as you can. And after...
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11 Nov


Every day we have an intake of chemicals in our body from the air we breathe, but also through processed aliments. That’s why, from time to time, our body needs a cleaning or in modern terms, a detox. The best method trough which we can do that is a proper diet. Some choose a juice diet , others preffer detox salads, based mostly on green colour aliments. Why green?Because everything that is green alkalizes our body. Through using processed aliments in our daily menus our body gets too much acidity, and in an acid environment all bacteria and diseases have a proper place to multiplicate. The moment we choose to give up thermic prepared aliments and we base our diet...
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