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28 Apr


Last week I’ve participated at my good friend’s wedding in Maramures, in the North of Romania. I hadn’t been in that area since I was a child, so I was very enthusiastic about coming back to those wonderful places. I, once again, found out that we have a beautiful country which, unfortunately, do not know to promote well. As an example, what happened to be on my way to Cascada Cailor (The Horses Waterfall). I had heard about this place from my friends and I wanted to visit it. Even if I had to climb the mountain for more than one and a half hour. All the people I met on my road told me that I have nothing to see there and that I should bother climbing. Yes, this is what they told me about the most spectacular waterfall in Romania. This didn’t stop me at all. I wanted to see the waterfall and find out if it is so uninteresting. Well, I discovered one of the most beautiful places, where you can breath clean fresh air and admire a stunning waterfall. I instantly thought, as comparison, about how people from other countries know how to highlight and promote any touristic and historical landmark.
Despite of this unpleasant experience, I felt extraordinary in Maramures. It is a charming place with beautiful and lovely people.
During the wedding, the groom and the bride choose, at a certain point, to wear Maramures traditional costumes. We, the guests, followed their initiative and wore the same type of outfits.
I had always wanted to try wearing it and I felt great. I didn’t wear traditional sandals, so you can call me a modern Maramures girl. I let you decide if it fit me well or not!

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