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30 Dec

@UrbanPost by Carmen Negoita – Palton Wild Cherry

I'm on the finish line with this end of the year, plus a lot of work. This end of the year is kinda busy.  Well, there's something to be done. But I promised you I'll tell you more about the collection I did in collaboration with UrbanPost and I intend to keep my word. The second coat from Urban Post by Carmen Negoita I want to show you is Wild Cherry. Why Wild Cherry? Because of the wild cherry colour, of course. Like Skyfall, Wild Cherry is a very versatile coat because of its minimal design. I choose to wear it in a more casual, masculine outfit, but the coat goes perfectly with an elegant attire as well, especially if you add a fur...
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20 Dec

@UrbanPost by CarmenNegoita – Palton Skyfall

Darlings, For this end of the year I wanted to have a couple of good news for you and for me. I’m very happy to tell you that after a year of discussions, sampling, picking fabrics and so on, we managed to launch the first part of the Urban Post by Carmen Negoita collection. Urban Post by Carmen Negoita is a collection of coats and vests very dear to me because it totally represents. I’m sure you noticed that along the year, in a big part of my outfits there were Urban Posts coats, that’s how the collection was born in the first place. Of course and from my desire to create versatile pieces with a classic cut made from high quality fabric. The...
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14 Dec

Banana Milkshake

Welcome back to my kitchen. Today I want to show you a simple, nourishing & delicious recipe: banana milkshake. I know at first sight it seems a basic recipe, but what I do and want to get you used to do the same, is to add superfoods in almost everything you consume. Why? Because these ingredients,  in very small quantities bring you a fantastic nutrients intake without calories,  a problem which is on everybody’s mind,  who is interested in a healthy lifestyle. Like I said in the video,  I hope soon, if time will be on my part, what superfoods I have and use in my home. Surely, this will not be the last time you’ll hear me talk about them. I...
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11 Nov

Simple hummus recipe

My darlings, I met recently with Laura Musuroaea, who told me she doesn’t eat meat anymore and tries to have more, healthy diet, but doesn’t know how to diversify her meals more. So I invited her into  #bucatarialuiCarmen ( Carmen’s Kitchen ) to try together a couple of simple and delicious recipes. On my youtube channel  you will find the lunch idea, and if you want to see what we prepared for breakfast  check out Laura’s channel. For lunch I tried a simple hummus recipe with chickpeas and baked peppers, which I saw recently at Ligia Pop’s  book launch. We are proud to tell you that it tastes as good as hers. What do we need? 200g cooked chickpeas,  100 g baked pepper, 1 teaspoon...
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9 Nov

The most stylish accessory of the season

The backpack One of my favorite accessories of this years must haves  is the backpack. Besides reminding me of school, it is also super stylish, versatile & practical. Leather or fabric, plain or printed , the backpack should be in your  wardrobe. No, the backpack doesn't mean  only sporty outfits , depending on the model & material you can integrate into casual, office or even cocktail looks. Also, it helps if you have back problems  as it provides a good posture. Of course my favorite backpack is made in collaboration with Yvy Bags. On you can order a chic and customizable mini backpack that can become a smartbag. Find more information on the site about my precious little backpack, here. What is your...
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27 Oct

Salad crunchy detox

Lately everyone jumped in the detox bandwagon, but this is mainly associated with a juice diet kept for a few days. A very good thing indeed, but it must be done properly and more important is what we do after we finish this diet. I believe that diet is the best method of detoxification, certain foods are excellent and  for this process but I will tell you  more in a future post where I will have a special guest. The salad that I want to show you it is very tasty, nourishing and great for any meal. We need lettuce, red cabbage, carrot, onion and avocado. The dressing is made from a bio yogurt, a little olive oil, lemon juice and salt to taste. To top it, I chopped...
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17 Oct

Outfit In Extenso

I always liked challenges. Especially in fashion zone. I see a challenge with great interest because it leads me to leave my comfort zone and makes me think outside of the box. That's what happened when I was challenged by Auchan. Is there a connection between a hypermarket and fashion? Well, Auchan has in its textile section, the brand Extenso. And voila, challenge! There is more, during this period #21ZileAuchan awaits you to enjoy modern products, brands, novelties, exclusive products, and a fair . I admit, I never ever thought that I would buy clothes from a hypermarket. So I made a run at Auchan and I was pleasantly surprised by how many products I found there. Therefore, I chose a few items, we...
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12 Oct

How to wear a pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is the most chic piece of a woman’s wardrobe. It’s a very versatile item with which you can make many outfits that work for different occasions. You can wear it at work, in the club, at a cocktail or casual. The folds of the skirt compliment the body shape, but we must pay attention to the length, color and texture, as for any other item. The rest is imagination and aesthetic sense. In my outfit I mixed the Zara skirt with a black top and a pair of Dolce & Gabbana boots. The pleated skirt was designers’ favourite piece last summer, but it will never be out of fashion because it’s already a classic item. This fall you can...
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25 Sep

How to make alemond milk at home

Today I’m going to show you a basic recipe, which will help very much in the kitchen. And for all my friends, who asked, I will show how easy it is. You can make it in any blender, but a powerful one will give it a difference consistency. But any step is a step, it doesn’t matter how small it is, so start with what you have. You need 200g of alemonds (I use the ones from Bioritmo; soon they will also have an online shop), filtered water, a special bag and dishes where to separate. The procedure, as you can see in the movie, doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes. If you want to give it a different taste you can put...
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23 Sep

#LFW Day 3

Denim Mania !!! Denim has always been a trend, but in the last two seasons I've seen a real explosion in designer collections and in street style outfits. I can not say that I dislike it, because I am of fan denim. It is comfortable, stylish and easy to accessorize. For the third day of London Fashion Week, I combined these Zara indigo jeans with a spectacular Venera Arapu dress. A mix of textures, leather, cotton, with back transparencies and a fun print, which is very significant for collection slogan "If the music is too loud, you are too old". As accessories I chose nude platform shoes from Gucci, which make me a little taller, yuppi, an envelope with an interesting design...
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