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30 Jan


I am absolutely sure that many of you complain about lack of time. We have so much to do. Not to count that we always want to look impecable. As for compromises, the less, the better. In this way we can count on versatility. It’s a good option. I always count on this quality. I am a mother, a public person and a business woman. I share myself between events, business meetings and raising my children. I leave home in the morning and come back late at night.

In this case I have to build an outfit that goes for many events from the day ongoing. Everything that changes about my outfit is the shoeline. That’s the thing that makes the difference.

For shopping, paying the bills and so on I always choose a pair of flat shoes. They have to be comfortable and to allow me to move fast between the tasks I have to accomplish. The Musette shoes never let me down. For a meeting with parents at school, I choose a pair of boots (like the ones from Moschino). Feminine, elegant and not so high-heeled. In the evening I usually have fashion events and maybe parties. I go safe with a pair of stylish shoes. In this case, the thick heeled shoes from Zara are the perfect partner.

In the end I say what Marilyn Monroe said a long time ago. About this topic, obviously.

” Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. “

Photography by IULIANA POPESCU

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