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11 Sep

Back-to-school Survival Guide

The beginning of the school year can be overwhelming for each parent. Including me. I’m proud of my children, but I must admit that the first day of school comes with a lot of requests, expenses and early waking up.

That’s also true for parents with kindergarden children. I see that at my cousins. Each has two girls, aged from four to six (except the “butterfly” who is one year old, who will certainly be as pretentious as the older ones in a while). Well, these girls have a well established ritual before leaving for kindergarden.

Hanny is six years old and she cares a lot about how she looks like. She is a perfectionist Virgo (like myself) who cares for her image. She doesn’t eat anything anywhere, which is very good, considering that most problems are about addictions with unhealthy food.

We recently bought from an online shop some very practical caserols  in which we put the healthy snacks for the entire day. I will show you soon, in a video tutorial, how we do this.

Back to Hanny, even if she is thin, she only wants to wear tight pants, legging-like, or short skirts (it’s a good thing knitted pants and leggings are trendy).

Sharry, the brunette with acting talent, is fascinated by Elsa (as everybody else) from “Frozen”. She has the nicest pijamas for kindergarden with Elsa’s face. I’m glad that big brands exploited this area and brought cartoon characters closer to children (they are beautiful, educative cartoons). I remember looking for a T-shirt or an accessory with a character some years ago and I couldn’t find anything. At kindergarden, Sharry goes only with skirts, tights and of course, the Elsa backpack.

Ema is the “family singer”. She is fascinated with her hair. She had it long and she cut it meanwhile, enough to request every day buns with shinny accessories. Because, it’s true, a sophisticated hairstyle helps with the singing. For her, skirts are also a “must have”, but they have to spin perfectly when she does a pirouette.

Well, if in their case we can easily find clothes and accessories at H&M, Zara, C&A, when we talk about teenagers, the problems are bigger: they want personalized clothes and gadgets.

Ingrid, my daughter, for example, doesn’t want to be like everybody else, she wants to be different and to have very interesting accessories which appeared in some video clips. Each time I go to London she makes a shopping list with products she discovered on the We Heart It app.

In February, this year, I got back from London with different coloured EOS and One Direction magazines. Last month she told me she wants a backpack personalized with her initials, but also with a special combination of colors. Designer Ana Parvan made this mix of powdered pink with metallic accents, also with her initials, as you can see, a mix that’s not very shrill, but it has personality.

And we also have the sneakers mania. As special as they get, Nike, preferably. And other kinds must not have them. Difficult! I would be grateful if you can give me ideas which will not cost me a fortune…

After I told you about girls’ claims, Harry, my son, on the opposite , is totally careless about how he dresses. Just some clothes to cover him are enough, preferably very soft, and footwear one size bigger, not to touch his toes.

On the other way, it’s important to have the newest type of phone, the coolest headphones, skateboard, and the list can go on. He was thrilled, for example, about the Jumbo backpack, which had headphones included. And that’s beside the fact that he already had two pairs of headphones at home, more advanced technologically. (I found at Jumbo all kinds of cool school supplies and at a good price).

Now that we have our clothes and accessories ready, we need a lot of patience and strength to wake up at an early hour in the morning.

If you have children, I wish you a year full of joys and many accomplishments together with the little ones in your lives.


Photography by Iuliana Popescu / Graphics by George Enache

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