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7 Sep

Brow mapping & how to shape your eyebrows

Thin or natural eyebrows? I’m  pretty sure that the vast majority will say natural. The thin eyebrows trend, overly plucked is long gone and now natural eyebrows are popular.

 I’ve never been  a fan of the very thin eyebrows trend, I really tried all sorts of techniques like castor oil, and semi- permanent tattoo,  of which now I think that made look very tough (tougher than I seem now J). I will not tell you that my tattoo faded and I reddish eyebrows.

A year ago I discovered a new technique which I liked because it doesn’t use tweezers that much. I have already talked about the Benefit Brow bars here and how you can have perfect eyebrows.

 What I want to show you today is a small utensil with which you can draw perfect eyebrows. (I will search my archives to show you my eyebrows a few years ago and the natural form I have now)

Brow mapping is a 3 steps technique for the finding the perfect form for every face shape. The result is a perfect arcade for each person, as Mirela Dumitru, specialist Benefit, told me at our meeting.

We must identify three key areas of each eyebrow : the  starting point, the arch and the end. To find the beginning, measure right from the wing of the nose to the start point of the eyebrow. It will help to create an effect of thinning the nose.

 The next step is finding the arch. We measure from the outside of the nostril straight up through the center of the pupil. The line will reach the point where the eyebrow reaches the maximum height. This will create a lifting effect.

Then we find the end. We measure from the outside of the nose, through the outer corner of the eye and the line will go where the brow should end.

  If the face is rounder, this method will narrow it a little, and if a face is thinner, it will make it look slightly fuller.

This part of the technique, no matter how well Mirela explained it to me,I will not try at home on my own. Conturing yes.

After we identified all three areas of the eyebrow, we united these points using Zings Brow, Pro eyebrow shaping kit, which contains wax and makeup and is ideal for  natural looking eyebrows.

Another product that I tested that helps to shape your eyebrows is Gimme Brow, Benefit innovation for instant volume, an micro-fiber  eyebrow gel, which gives color and a quick fix with a long resistance, even in water.

Personally, I prefer Zings Brow Kit  powder.  I think that it looks much more natural than the gel. But I talked about both, because in the end is a matter of preference.

At  the end I used the HighBrow pencil  for brightness. It gives instant lifting effect and conceals recently grown hairs.

  I’m not artist in the art of make up , because I started very late, but every time I work with  specialists  I steal some secrets, which  I then use at home in my makeup routine.

I gained experience after these lessons offered by Sephora specialists. After I’ll do all my homework I promise to show how how much I learned. So if I can do it, an anti-talent, anyone can.

Waiting for your opinion on how useful was this material and what would you like to see in these lessons.  

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Video by Iuliana Popescu

Brow mapping & cum sa iti conturezi sprancenele
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Brow mapping & cum sa iti conturezi sprancenele
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