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2 Sep

Fall Winter Mac Makeup Trends

Photography and video by Iuliana Popescufall-winter-mac-makeup-trends-carmen-negoita (10)

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to directly interact with two senior make-up artists, who presented the tendencies for fall/winter 2015/2016. Netta Szekely and Alexandra Spyrydopolou made live demonstrations, made us familiar with the newest products from Mac Cosmetics, the company in which they work, and answered us a series of questions.

The best part was a personalized make-up, made by Netta. Of course that in the two hours when we were together we talked about makeup and about personal things. I tried, besides stealing working techniques, to find our more about what modern, actual make-up means.

I tried to show you as much as possible from our long conversation, and the applying techniques are harder to describe, but you will see them in the motive.


Carmen: At the make-up course I attended they told us to observe the shape of the face first, and then to try to bring the face features to an ideal form through make-up, which is the oval face. What do you think about that?

Netta: This thing suggests that anything else besides oval is not beautiful. It’s a little old-fashioned to think like that. For example, I love round faces. If you look at models these days, you’ll see a lot of face shapes and it doesn’t say anything about them, if they are beautiful or not. Make-up, nowadays, is not about transforming. If I have a round face, I’m not going to try to make it look like a triangle. It will look weird. How can you make a circle look like a triangle? And why would you do that? I don’t believe in that theory. Your face is perfect regardless of the shape. Maybe it’s a little square, but you should love it. It gives you strength and expression and I don’t see any reason why you should try to make it look oval.

The really important thing is that make-up should show off your most beautiful features, not to change you. It’s a more modern way to look at make-up. Because if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

We should use the beauty industry to feel better in our own skin, to look as good as possible, but not to change our unique features. Each of us has a special kind of beauty and unique features that we should show off and here we can use the make-up techniques. We know a lot of famous women, beauty icons, and not all of them had an oval face. But all of them were beautiful in their own way and they knew how to show off their beauty.


Carmen: Which is the best make-up base?

Netta: Natural oils nourish the face, the ingredients are natural, from nuts and all sorts of plants, and they give the skin a beautiful, luxuriant glow. Even if it’s oil, it absorbs fast.


Carmen: And it’s also a protection for the skin, between the skin and the make-up?

Netta: Make-up has natural ingredients nowadays, solar protection, nutrients, oils, so now it’s better to wear make-up than nothing at all. You don’t need protection from foundation. It’s nothing dangerous, it’s nourishing and good for you.

But if you want to buy a make-up product you have to see or to feel a difference thanks to it. Otherwise why would you buy it? You have no reason. Maybe that’s what you should ask from the make-up artist too. To make you feel the reason why you should buy that product.


Carmen: Which is your favourite type of brush?

Netta: 159 is now my favourite. It has the right size, it’s easy to handle, it goes in the narrow angles and we can apply foundation, powder and blush with it.


Carmen: There are some make-up artists that I like very much, but I also like to work with new people.

Netta: It’s very good, because each make-up artist has a different vision and you can see the many different ways  they highlight your features. The same kind of make-up is boring, because we should look at make-up like to a game.


Carmen: I usually highlight my eyes, but today you’re going to contour my lips.

Netta: Exactly. You already know how you look with your eyes contoured. Today you’re going to experience a new trend.


Carmen: You’re one of those make-up artists who make-up the face first and then the eyes. Why?

Netta: I consider that the face needs time to absorb all the products we apply. Until we make-up the eyes, all the applied products had effect. We need to give it time to arrange on the face, to feel confortable.


Carmen: Why did you choose to use a creamy blush? I never knew how to apply it.

Netta: Virgin Island is one of my favourite products. You need a suitable brush or you can apply it with your fingers. You put a small quantity of product and you blend it lightly. If you apply on the upper cheeck, you get that sunkissed look, a little red.


Carmen: Why did you choose such a dark color for the lips?

Netta: I think you look really elegant dressed like that, and this dark shade will make a beautiful contrast with the color of the dress.

The products Netta used:

  • Marine bright formula face cleaning lotion
  • Marine bright formula hydrating serum
  • Prep+Prime essential oil which she combined with foundation
  • Pro Longwear NC35 foundatation
  • Mineralize Skinfinish Medium Plus A34
  • Brushes 159, 137, 203, 221
  • All that glitters eye shadow
  • Delicates Bronzing Powder sculpting powder
  • Creamy Blush Virgin Isle
  • Currant lipliner combined with a little black eyeliner
  • Lipstick

I let you see the result! I personally liked it very much. It’s not a make-up I would wear daily, but it has a special charm. Maybe because it’s different.

And because fall is here I will tell you the next days about the great make-up trends of this season. You will then understand which trend my make-up is part of.

I’m waiting for your opinions! Kisses!


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