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31 Aug

10 rules efficient weight loss

I was telling you last week that somehow I managed to gain five kilograms because of my chaotic program from the last months. But now I started an intensive weight losing programme about which I will keep you posted on the blog.

Today I’m going to share with you the ten simple rules that I respect in order to lose weight efficiently and healthy.

  1. I think almost 1l of liquids in the morning before eating. I glass of warm water and lemon, tea, water at the room’s temperature- they prepare the digestion and clean the organism. Until the evening I try to drink 3l of liquids.
  2. At least two cardio trainings every week, on the treadmill or outside.
  3. Two sessions of Body Time/ week (I will explain in another article what it is)
  4. Two sessions of toning and drainage massage/ week. It helps very much relax the muscles, the skin elasticity and it eliminates toxins.
  5. Before any training I use thermic creams on the affected areas ( abs, thighs, buttocks, legs, arms), which I help penetrate the skin with a vacuum pump. When I exercise, the blood circulation is more intense in those areas and it helps reduce the fat layer. That’s why it’s better to do strong exercising, to warm up some areas and then finish with cardio.
  6. I do various trainings at home too (I jump the rope 10 minutes, I spin the circle, I do 3 series of 15 squats, lunges, exercise for lower and higher abs, exercise with dumbbells etc). I will try to make some videos with exercise combinations for those of you who want to exercise at home.
  7. For the training I use neoprene pants, which help even more create the sauna effect.
  8. After each training I drink a proteic powder shake of two types (the recipe, soon on my Youtube channel).
  9. I try to eat as diverse as possible, but not to combine more aliments for the same meal. On my new page I will post what I eat every day and new recipes that I’m trying. So go in and like my page.
  10. I try to monitor how much I exercise and what I eat. I use Steps, Run Keeper apps and a Polar watch which measures how many calories I’m burning. A woman needs 1200 calories per day to function. That means I have to burn much more if I want to lose weight.

So these are the ten golden rules which I follow to gain back my shape. I know they work because I’ve used them before and I had good results.

It’s true, the theory seems easy, but really it’s not. You need a lot of will not to skip the training days, not to taste any birthday  cake, not to eat a ten course meal, like we usually prepare.

Whoever tried this knows!

Now I’m going back to my training! Wish me luck! Kiss kiss

Video by Iuliana Popescu

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