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12 Sep

Carmen’s kitchen

Carmen’s kitchen

You asked me many times on Instagram or the Facebook page how do I prepare certain products that I post so I’ve decided to make a rubric on my Youtube channel where I can show you how I do it, not just write a recipe.

Also, on the new Facebook page, Carmen’s kitchen, I’m trying to post what I eat in a day, things made by me or from the town. They are not raw-vegan products or recipes, but a healthy lifestyle, sometimes low-carb, to help me with my weight-losing program. By the way, I lost two and a half kg! Yupppy!!

In my weight-losing program I was telling you that after exercising I use a proteic shake. If you didn’t see it yet, you can find it here.

Today I want to show you how you can make this proteic shake. Attenion: I don’t agree to replace all the meals with these types of drinks. A diverse alimentation is the best thing for your organism.

I put a spoon of hemp protein; I use the one from Canah and now, because I want some extra protein, I combine it with vegan proteic powder from GNC. I mix them with home-made alemond milk and a fruit. For a more intense taste, but also some extra nutrients you can also add vanilla and maca powder. This superaliments are a little more expensive, it’s true, but they make a difference. The taste is very good, nourishing and you won’t feel the need to eat for some hours.

I’m waiting for your opinion about this material; what did you like, but also what you didn’t like, in order for this to be useful for you. I’m waiting for recipes suggestions which you want to find out and if I can, we will make them.

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Video by Iuliana Popescu

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