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Carmen Negoita / 2016 / March
30 Mar

Fashion & business at Cloud No. 9 Pop-Up Store

I think there is no need to tell how much I like Romanian designers. As you saw in my posts from Milan Fashion Week, my outfits contain many pieces of clothing and accessories created by our designers which I found really interesting. I am glad we have talented people who explore their creativity and imagination. But most of all I like to find some items that fit perfectly with my personality and my lifestyle, between fashion and business. As you saw in the shopping section on my blog, I worked with two Romanian brands, YVY Bags and Urban Post. Together we developed some items suitable for both fashion and business. This weekend I will bring these items closer to you...
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23 Mar

There’s no place like home

For me the day is simply too short. I am always on the run. I run from one place to another, meeting after meeting, shooting after shooting, photo sessions, and so on. My phone rings constantly while I am trying to fix as many things as I can at once, struggling not to forget anything. However, even though  my daily routine it’s a challenge, I am trying to follow a healthy diet. So I choose very carefully my meals. Although I don’t always have time for cooking I avoid unhealthy snacks and I choose carefully where to dine out. I couldn’t exactly say (especially if I would inculde the ones outside the country) in how many restaurants I've been so...
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22 Mar

5 unusual things to do before entering a relationship

Darlings, I’m not an relationship expert, but I want to share a couple of life lessons I came across along time. Some of I have reconfirmed by talking with people who have gone through similar experiences. This is for the women following me, but that does not mean things do not apply to men also. If you are someone who knows what you want from life and compromise isn’t in your character, I have to tell you "Welcome To The Club". 1.Check his social media platforms. I know it sounds creepy, but it would not hurt to check his Facebook or /and Instagram account. Social media platforms have become a kind of CV. It is better to do it before entering the...
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15 Mar

70’s- Inspired @Milan Fashion Week

The 70s vibe came back stronger. Yes, we're speaking of flare pants, embroideries, fringes and suede. It should be noted that the designers have focused more on the rock and boho style, to the detriment of disco. We can draw inspiration from the outfits of iconic characters: Ali MacGraw, Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Michelle Pfeifer, Peggy Lipton and Jacqueline Bisset. For Milan Fashion Week I choose an outfit that marks a certain sobriety. However I didn't forget to add some funny elements. The Paisi accessorized fur vest in strong colors and the H&M men's shirt sweeten my look. Obviously, wooden platform shoes and flared pants from Zara are mandatory elements for an authentic look. I will return to the 70s style with...
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13 Mar

Deux-Pieces @Milan Fashion Week

The deux-pieces is the best choice when you want more style and elegance. Qualities that I had in mind when I went to Milan Fashion Week. The truth is, that this duo - skirt or pants with a blazer, will never go out of style. This isn't the first time that I choose this type of outfit for fashion week. If you don't remember, two year ago, in Paris I wore a burgundy suit. You can see the outfit here. This year, I wore a Marie Ollie deux-pieces, designed by Arthur Dinu. I fancy it because it reminds me of the 17th century, more accurately, the victorian period. Even though it is vintage inspired, the look is stylish and contemporary. I love...
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4 Mar

Rose Quartz and Serenity @Milan Fashion Week

Pantone Institute decided that rose quartz (pink) and Serenity (baby blue) are the colors of 2016. It is the first year that Pantone decided that the color of the year is represented by two shades instead of one. An association that I find very interesting. Keeping this trend in mind, for Milan, I prepared an outfit in this color combo. I chose a retro rose quartz coat from Spoff. The baby blue shade went in the accessories. Let me tell you that small bags are considered very stylish this season. A true challenge, no? My Musette bag, besides my lipstick, credit card and phone, didn't fit anything else. What would put in a bag if you were to choose only 3...
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2 Mar

All white @Milan Fashion Week

We know that all black outfits flatters all types of bodies and we also know that the little black dress is our friend when we don't know what to wear. If we still are in this area of monochrome outfits, what if you go the opposite pole? What do you think about all white outfits? I have to confess that I always admired this trend. Although I wanted to try this style exercise, I had to overcome some mental thresholds. First, If we choose to pieces that match our figure, we see that white does not add weight. At all! Secondly, do not be tempted to think all white is the perfect outfit for summer. White outfits look perfect in...
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