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23 Dec

Christmas Shopping Marathon

Pfff. It's that time of year when we are desperately running to find what we want, when we're stuck in traffic and so on. But I love it , I must admit. Even though I get angry it is a positive vibe in the air, celebration time, and this gives me a good feeling. In the last minute I got my "gang" and we went caroling. Ingrid more excited, and Harry because of moms nagging. We wandered almost all the shops, my darlings, but do not think we're done. The important thing is that we found some super nice gifts for our loved ones. From Mac 2 sets from the Nutcracker collection, from Sephora a Makeup Forever travel set and one from Tony...
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21 Dec

My Palau Adventure – Part II

If in the first post I was telling you that we got adjusted to the island and moved a bit with the kayaks, in this post we have enough adrenaline. We decided that we must discover everything the island has to offer. We started with a land tour for recognition, which was not very hard. The island has a road on the east side and one on the west side ?. The rest are some little threads on the map and you are not advised to go that way (but we don’t like to be told what to do ?) The first day I went with a guide, in Babeldaob, the largest island, north of Koror. I saw Ngardmau Falls, which is very...
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15 Dec

New Collection Carmen Negoita X Yvy Bags at Cloud 9

My darlings, I’m  super, super happy to announce that the first three models from my new collection with Yvy Bags will launched at Cloud 9. So Saturday and Sunday I’ll be waiting for you, to meet you and show you the new collection live , a collection of which  I am very proud. ☺️ If you didn’t see the event’s page,  you can find the details here. In today’s outfit  I played with  red bag, very versatile because of its size and color, mixed it with a Zara coat, decorated with messages (a must this season). The remaining elements complete the masculine look, but feminine accents. And since it’s the holiday season, I want bring you a little joy. A new bag from my...
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14 Dec

How was dinner with Stella Artois

Today I want to talk about a special evening spent with darling people & Stella Artois. I think you saw the contest on facebook and instagram in which I invited you for dinner at my house. I know I had to choose just one winner, but the responses were so beautiful that I had to choose three. I wanted everything to be perfect and I called Maison Daddoo, they came with superb arrangements and Zebra Catering took care of the food. Yes, this time I didn’t cook myself, because I wanted to make sure that everyone feels good and cooking would have kept cooking a bit more in the kitchen. Being a good host doesn’t mean just to cook...
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13 Dec

First part of my Palau adventure

Back to reality, cold and routine, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It is nice to go on vacation, but at some point I  start to miss darling people in my life, my bed and the intimacy of my home. But enough nostalgia. Today I want to tell you about the special places I have visited in my last vacation in Palau. Until I found the offer, I didn’t even know where Palau is on the map and now I’m watching documentaries about the island. I don’t know a cheap route to recommend you. You can track the apps in the last travel post and maybe a system error occurs. (Now there’s an Amsterdam-Palau offer for 450 euros) Otherwise I believe the...
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16 Nov

Black Friday Wishlist

One of the beautiful aspects of online shopping  is that you can do it  anywhere. As I said, I’m currently in Palau, but this won’t prevent me to spoil myself on Black Friday and order me some products that will be waiting for me when I get home. So the return be sweeter. I just found out that FashionDays will have a special Black Friday sale with brands such as Prada, Miu Miu, Coccinelle, Valentino & more, ie high end brands. But besides the exclusive selection of luxury brands, over 700k products will be reduced for about 90%. So to give you a taste of it, other brands: Love Moschino, Guess, United Colors of Bennetton, Esprit, Desigual, Pepe Jeans London, Furla, Ted Baker, Levi's,...
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14 Nov

It’s always the white shirt

Some time ago, I started to sort out 3 dressings and take out the pieces I no longer use and I had a revelation. I am a big collector,  I collect many, many things, dear true, but that I no longer use. And before I give them away I wanted to do a small show with my collections, collections that I gathered over 10 years, after having already given quite a lot of them. And no, I didn’t do this to brag, but for you to understand my passion for fashion and beyond. It began long before I launched my blog  and has grown from year to year. Many of you know about the I own several hundred pairs of shoes....
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12 Nov

Top travel applications

I wrote in my last travel post how much I like to travel. However, most of the time time, however, budget, and time does not allow me to do this as often as I'd like. I want to explore and visit at least once every country on the globe. But some destinations inaccessible, as was Panama. Many friends and readers have asked me how I got there and why we chose this country. When I have time, I read about unique  destinations  and I love to explore everything new. Known roads are also interesting, but they lack adrenaline. I wrote about Panama in to long posts. If you didn’t read them, go here and here. This week I started a new experience,...
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7 Nov

All about Power Plate

I've always been attracted to all kinds of sports equipment, body shaping, actually, everything related to facial and body care. I didn’t even have a blog and I was reading glossy magazines, including buzz in the beauty pages or I was googling for new stuff and what I found interesting, I tested. Back then I discovered Power Plate, which I'll tell you more about today, and Cellu M6, Hydrocolonotherapy and many more which I’ll write about in the future. I am a big beauty / young addict and I like to share everything I test. I first tried Power Plate in a spa, later in a gym, and a few months in my home, but a smaller version of the device. If you have...
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5 Nov

How to make a chic sporty outfit in a cocktail

Obviously with shoes, accessories and other small details! I said this before and this isn’t the last the last time I’ll repeat it.Any outfit seemingly common can be changed with a few well-chosen items, in an amazing outfit.These elements depends greatly on the style you have and the style of the outfit , of course. Photos by Iuliana Popescu Shoes save me every time I’m in need. I can change any outfit with a pair of shoes with an attitude. Shoes with an attitude  is a state of mind but also the name of a campaign by Tezyo and Dana Rogoz. If you did not know who is TEZYO? Is a multibrand shop Otter Distribution developed with cool & fresh products and a...
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