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18 Sep

Sailing Greece

I always had a certain fear of sleeping on a boat because my first cruise ship adventure didn’t go so well. But because I already had some experience with motion sickness and I usually tend to face my fears, I accepted the challenge of sleeping 6 nights on a catamaran and seeing another face of Greece. Believe me ...
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28 Aug

The hair care with the special ingredient caffeine

Since high school I was fascinated to make hair changes. Though I was not a great fashionista, letting me brush up or oxygenate my hair seemed the smartest possible thing. Meanwhile, my dress style has changed, but the hair wrath has remained the same. From bob to extensions, from blond to black blue, everything you can imagine making your hair I have already tried. After each stylistic experiment, a series of intensive treatments followed to bring the hair to a normal and healthy state. That until I had the next inspiration, obviously. But with time, I tried to make gradual changes, because although nature was generous and all my hair was regenerated, after age, things are not that simple anymore. As...
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27 Apr

Why am I passionate about accessories

Accessories have played a fundamental role for me. Everybody knows that I'm passionate about bags and shoes, I could even be called a mini-collector. I always invested in more quality accessories than clothing because, in my opinion, they make the difference in an outfit. I have over 300 pairs of shoes. My style is androgynous, but at the same time I really like to try different styles and dress in very stylish clothes, even train dresses, evening dresses or feminine sandals. I also love to mix them together, for example, a masculine suit with very feminine footwear, a lady like pleated skirt combined with a pair of sporty footwear or from the masculine area. Yes, I can say they...
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14 Apr

7 epic days in Zanzibar

when planning a vacation ahead, you definitely get a better price and have time to research the place where you’re going, but you also count the days until the time finally comes. That’s if you’re not a millionaire and travel every month. That’s what happened to me with my amazing holiday in Zanzibar. 11 people, and a month until everyone decided, but on 1st of October, we knew what we were going to do in February. ???? Although the wait was long, it was totally worth it and I honestly don’t know how to start my story or how to find my words in writing to express everything I’ve discovered and experienced in these 7 epic days in Zanzibar. Because...
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3 Apr

7 Myths about washing clothes

Washing clothes is probably one of the most boring activities and yet, we don’t want to do that weekly. All my life I’ve learned all kinds of tricks related to the maintenance of clothes and ways to do it quickly as possible. Some of them have been passed on for generations, as if they were a family legacy, even if not all proved to be useful. Photo by Iuliana Popescu / Location Fourwood Laundry Luckily, technology has advanced and new discoveries are emerging every day with ways to clean the most resistant stain, or shorter programs, tailored to the fabric and color of your clothes. This shows that many of those precious tips are in fact myths. I don’t know...
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13 Mar

How to spend 6 days in Greece II

With a "little" delay, I’ll have to finish the story about Greece because there is much more to tell about this country. As I was writing, I thought that I would like a device that can capture emotions when we discover new places, because neither pictures nor words can render the image to its true value. Surely, if I could put into words the state of euphoria I sometimes feel, the text would be a corny one. Totally not my style ???? However, I will try to describe all the wonderful places I've discovered, starting with Athens, where I would go back anytime to eat the best truffle pasta on the terrace of Grande Bretagne Hotel. The view...
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