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21 Sep

#LFW Day 2

After 14 hours in heels in the first day at London Fashion Week, the second day  I chose more comfortable outfit. The black & white oxford shoes from my collection with Ana Parvan were a hit among photographers, but also a good reason to give my feet a moment of relaxation. Relaxation is inaccurate to say, when I run all day from one show to another. Even in your most comfortable shoes your feet swell. If an outfit is comfortable it doesn't mean it can't be stylish at the same time. My outfit of the day at LFW was "simple" at first sight but with many wow factors. Printed silk, bomber jacket from Argo, combined with a quilted skirt from Irina Schrotter and accessorized...
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19 Sep

#LFW Day 1

If the last 3 editions #LFW become very predictable for me this season came with a big change, namely the new BFC location. Most live shows will take place in Soho, where do you think? In a car parking !!! The organizers have made a whole setup here. The idea is cool to some extent, but awkward in terms of street style photos. But regardless of location, #LFW has its specific vibe and I'm glad to be back every year. I also enjoyed to see my dear friends again, this, besides hard work, scurry from one place to another, food and nights of walking with few hours of sleep, make up the joy of Fashion Week. I started the day with Bora Aksu's...
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10 Jul


" Fashion is about having fun. " declared Helena Bonham Carter. And she is so right. And the fashionistas know how to do it very well. You know what’s the most interesting in this game called fashion? That rules change from a season to another. There is nothing strict. Boredom? No way. There is a lot of creativity and fun! Even God has humour, pay attention to different animals and birds and you will se for yourselves. So, come on and enjoy colors, prints, outfits full of light and joy. Let’s forget about drama, about gray and black. It’s summer, and Feeric Fashion Days is happening. And in Alba Iulia it was really feeric. In my outfit today you can find...
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9 Jul

Feeric Fashion Days Sibiu – Part 1

My dears, After two full, but beautiful days in Alba Iulia we moved to another amazing city, Sibiu, for the second part of Feeric Fashion Days. I started Tuesday with a very emotional moment. Atipic Beauty was present for the first time in the festival, and myself together with 11 fashion personalities and my blogger colleagues had the honour to walk the catwalk along with 12 persons in wheelchairs. Magda Coman, the president of Open Heart Assication told me in an interview that she wants all people with disabilities to be seen as normal persons, not to be isolated or discriminated anymore, and we gladly joined their message. The day continued in a #feeric way, at Brukenthal Avrig Palace, where we had the...
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6 Jul


We live in a world of contrasts, that is certain. Fashion isn't an exception. The black and white combo, was and is so explored by the designers that it isn't a trend anymore, but a classic line. And we just love to play with this two noncolors. It's a stylish game that we can fit in the "back to basics" category. We return every time with the same pleasure. I often think the woman who dresses in black and white definitely lives a colorful life! Today I preferred a less classical approach. This outfit with a futuristic vibe goes perfectly with the event I'm attending. - Feeric Fashion Days / Alba Iulia. A happening at which I'm participating for the second time...
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5 Jul

Feeric Fashion Days Alba Iulia

Who said that when you do what you like you don’t feel tired was right. After packing, 3 hours of sleep and a long road, I finally arrived in the beautiful Alba Iulia for the first day of Feeric Fashion Days. It is a pleasure to revisit the Alba Carolina citadel every time I’m in the area. We checked in at the Transylvania hotel, which by the way was recently renovated and looks amazing; we met the with the Feeric staff for the last details and recharged our batteries for a long but beautiful night. The night started with the collection of two Argentinian designers, Eduardo & Diego, from Sarah Jessy Jones. A collection full of color showcased in a gorgeous location,...
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14 Apr

Yellow stilettos shoes

The girl with 3 yellow stilettos shoes My dear friends, Today I have the pleasure to present an outfit, which was published in Vogue UK. Like last time, I stay in the same register. A simple, light, elegant outfit, where the accessories play a big part. Actually, I could say there is something atypical about it. It’s an outfit with three yellow stilettos shoes. Obviously, a pair of stilettos on, signed by Ana Parvan in collaboration with me. And the thrid shoe is the Louboutin clutch. An original and, why not, funny accessory. The cape from Band Of Creators is to die for. Don’t forget that the Band Of Creators items are created by Romanian designers and, believe me, Romanian design is full of...
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2 Apr

Green mood for Milan Fashion Week

“Simplicity is the essence of true elegance”, said Coco Chanel. I thought it’s good to start with this quote, because sometimes we have the tendency to forget about simplicity and we like to make things complicated. Especially when talking about fashion. The tendency to add a lot of accessories, the habit of putting on too much make-up. Not to talk about opulence. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and see things more detached. Fashion and personal style don’t mean to stand out at any cost. Sometimes a relaxed style or a simple outfit can be so much more suitable. Not to talk about the fact that attitudine means everything. In the end, beauty and personal style come from within...
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26 Mar

Sport Casual @Milan Fashion Week with Nike and UrbanPost

I will always appreciate sport and fashion. I am a huge fan of these two domains. I’m glad when i'm able to mix them in a harmonious way. Because an outfit needs a good body to look good on. This is where the sports activities come in. More than that, I’m glad that some clothing items and accessories dedicated to sports began to be inserted in street style outfits. From here have derived some styles like: sport casual, sporty chic or sport couture. Today I’m presenting you a sport casual outfit I wore at Milan Fashion Week. In my outfit I appreciate three elements regarding the actual fashion vibe: the oversized camel coat from UrbanPost, the H&M poplin white shirt-dress and the Ricardo...
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24 Mar

Yellow outfit for London Fashion Week

My dears I think that you realized by now that I love yellow. Why ? Yellow is a vibrant, warm color which catches the eye. It symbolizes energy, joy, fertility. But you have to prove some courage when you wear an outfit in such a strong color. Still, if you keep in mind some tips, you make sure you don’t make any mistakes and you stand out in a positive way. For London Fashion Week I decided to wear an outfit where the yellow color was the star. I wore a manually knitted item from Sophia33. About this brand I also wrote here.  Because I decided to wear a monochrome outfit, I paid more attention to the accessories. Because this color is so...
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