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Carmen Negoita / 2015 / August
31 Aug

10 rules efficient weight loss

I was telling you last week that somehow I managed to gain five kilograms because of my chaotic program from the last months. But now I started an intensive weight losing programme about which I will keep you posted on the blog. Today I’m going to share with you the ten simple rules that I respect in order to lose weight efficiently and healthy. I think almost 1l of liquids in the morning before eating. I glass of warm water and lemon, tea, water at the room’s temperature- they prepare the digestion and clean the organism. Until the evening I try to drink 3l of liquids. At least two cardio trainings every week, on the treadmill or outside. Two sessions of...
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23 Aug

How I gained 5 kg

I know that some of you will say that it's not so much, but others will understand when I say I want to get back fast to the kg of last year. That's because kg don't show off where we want them, but where they want and for me, the troubled areas are the abs and the waistline. I was really amused when some time ago  a tabloid had a misunderstanding about my  belly; more exactly if it's fat or I will have a little cute baby. No, I'm not pregnant, it's just a layer of fat which I'm decided to eliminate fast. How? I will tell you next week, but first, I will tell you how I got it. -long rides and...
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11 Aug


The classic white shirt, a basic clothing element in everyone’s closet and here I include both men and women. The white shirt, through its versatility, is very easy to wear. It looks good in combination with jeans and it’s perfect with a black skirt. You can go even more far, combining it in a stylish, glam, sport or eclectic outfit. If we were to make a little incursion in the history of this clothing item, you can find it dating from the 3rd century. We find it in the Roman Empire. At that time the shirt was long to the knees, made of linen and you could dress with it from the head. And from then until now, the design of...
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4 Aug

5 pieces of advice for the person I was 5 years ago

I was challenged a few weeks ago by (which celebrates 5 beautiful years) to write 5 pieces of advice for me, the one from 5 years ago. Only relaxed, in Cluj I made time for a little retrospective. I realized that 5 years have passed since I changed my prefix with 3, 5 years since I’ve divorced, 5 years since I’ve looked to change my domain of activity. How do you get from hotel industry to wellness club to lifestyle blogger and raw vegan restaurant? I haven’t got the slightest idea, but I freaking love what I’m doing right now. Well, I admit that the time I worked at the wellness club was also a great period in my life....
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2 Aug


Designers have decided! This summer it’s forbbiden to ignore this trend! Yes! It’s a trend alert: wear fringe! And you know why? Because fringe outfits are cool and dynamic. Imagine how good your dance moves are shown off in the club wearing a fringe dress or skirt. You have so many styles to choose from. You can inspire from the boho, country or the 70’s style and just to combine them in an eclectic way. Let your imagination free and use this trend as you like. I combined the Zara skirt with a simple H&M top and an architectural jacket from Rick Owens. A chic, relaxed outfit, made of few elements, while the fringe skirt is the centerpiece of the clothing...
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