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17 Oct

10 rules to survive the Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are over and you’ve saw some bloggers day by day, running from a show to another in all four fashion capitals.

If you think this is easy, you are wrong. Just who has been there can understand what is really going on. It is true that in the first season adrenaline is high. Everything new, you learn how things work and feel so much feet pain, hunger or fatigue.

In time, however, when certain things become routine (not talking about the collections, you always wait them anxiously) you start to become conscious of the more basic needs of the body.

Each blogger has little tricks to survive this period. Personally I do not know if I could last more than 2 FW / season. Perhaps only with sneakers.?

Today I will share some of the tricks I use in those crazy weeks. If you’re a beginner blogger I am sure this will be useful for you.

1.I try to have, as much as I can, spacious bags. Stylish, but spacious.

2. I carry a pair of ballet or slippers with me. After I finished the show,a photo shoot or the crazy street photography part, I change my shoes. But sometimes they do not fit in the bag and in the next day a pair of heels become very uncomfortable.

3. I carry bars and protein powders / superfoods with me. I skip meals often and between shows a healthy snack is welcome. I had with me this year, about 15 Vegis bars. Actually, I have at home similar snacks and seeds, in the car. They help you not to binge eat.

4. I use more cleaning face masks. When I change the climate and I use makeup everyday, my  skin tends to look charged. At NYFW I used Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm, a very efficient gel for blackheads, pores dirt and dead skin. It warms the skin, increases blood flow, pores open and the cleaning part is easier. In addition, the egg-shaped container is the most original ever. In some nights I combined it with StriVectin Overnight Perfecting Micro-Concentrate and X-treme Rexaline Fusion. You can find them in Sephora Romania.

5. Cleaning is always followed by intense moisturizing. Serums, creams and massage work wonders for a tired face. Sometimes I use masks that I can leave on my face all night. They work better when I sleep. Dr. Brand’s Beauty Sleep Serum &  3-D filler mask are amazing.

6. I save 3 phone numbers, from hairdressing salons in the area. I never know when an emergency occurs, so rather I rather be prepared.

7.I buy a SIM phone in that country. I have internet all the time, I can post, I can search for show addresses and talk on whats up with my family, etc.

8. I use Uber. No tips, decent cars and prices generally better than conventional taxis. When you wear super heels the subway is not an option, believe me. Maybe someday I’ll afford a  a driver ???. Then I woke up.

9. Staying with more friends is always a good option. I paid less for better service. In addition more fun and help also. Only the crowded bathroom is a problem if you are all bloggers. If you have seen my NY snaps you know what I mean.

10.I try to set my photoshoots from home or travel with a photographer. I’m lucky that my boyfriend, Rares, is a photographer and when we can afford to travel together we combine business with pleasure. Before I went with Iuliana at FW. But when I didn’t plan with a photographer, I remained with unpublished outfits or with bad photos. For a blogger, having a good photographer, is super important.

Same happened with this outfit also. So, I gathered a couple of photos from my SM account to illustrate this color invasion.
I’m wearing Styland suit and  shoes paired with this wonderful bag / clutch from Boite de Merveilles.
More to come. Soon



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