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10 Oct

New in town Furla Store

I remember dearly my first Furla bag, which I kept until today. It is roomy, black and I bought it in Rome. Ten years ago big brands weren’t that present in Romania.

Today, fortunately, we have access to them easily. When I received the invitation to visit the new Furla store in Baneasa Shopping City, I was super excited. I took advantage of the situation and chose two bags from NYFW looks, which I’m sure you’ve seen on instagram and snapchat.

Yes, it was very hard for me to decide after I entered the store and say all those little wonders. When you like a piece and you see it in every colour, you start to imagine how many outfit combos you can do with each and every one. So, I spent more than an hour to choose one and even if i’m colour lover, I picked mini black bucket bag and a medium red handbag. Classic, no? We buy dozens of bags, but almost always we go for the safe alternative.

Still, the red handbag was something new for me. It isn’t always my first options when it comes to bags, but lately, red gained track in my wardrobe. 

But I still dream of mini Furla bags in shades of yellow, pink and blue. One by one, there will enter my collection… i’m pretty sure of that. And I’ll soon show you my collection, which isn’t insignificant.  This is how bloggers are, obsessed with new and trends.

And to fully understand what I’m saying here, you need to pay a visit to Furla in Baneasa Shopping City. Ask to see the perfect drawers, super colorful and I’m sure you’ll visualise  your future dressing.

But enough dreaming. I left to visit Barcelona with my new red Furla handbag of course and tonight back home.

Enjoy the pictures. ♥️ And check #furlafeeling to see the big family

Photos by Alexandru Chisoceanu








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