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11 Sep

My make-up kit for London Fashion Week

My dears, I am very excited because I am going today to London Fashion Week. I can hardly wait to feel the vibe of the London streets, to see the new collections the great designers are about to launch, and also the great atmosphere in the places where fashion bloggers meet, wearing some of the most interesting outfits.
Alongside the trends in fashion, there will also be the trends in make-up. Therefore I have just visited Melkior where I had a nice conversation about what’s new in make-up industry, before preparing my make-up kit for LFW.
I have talked to Zsuza (Juja), the specialist for Melkior, who gave me plenty of interesting tips and who showed me one great daytime make-up and one for nighttime (I hope I will be able to do it by my own).
One of the basic rules is to choose the make-up that fits the form of your face. Even though 70s style is IN, she made me one 60s style inspired make-up, meant to make my eyes bigger, to fill the orbits and to lighten up the face.
For nighttime she proposed cat eye with purple tones (radiant orchid is the color of the year). Read about the color here
In order to have the accent on the eyes, the lips have neutral tone. 
I enjoyed everything she proposed, but I want you to tell me your opinion.

Juja recommends:

Fall / winter make-up trends include 70s like metallic textures which can be used as eye and lips make-up. Strong, elongate, voluminous eyelashes are a must. The classic “smokey eyes” is still in trend, this time reinvented in several colors, forms and textures. You can notice a strong 60s influence: fake eyelashes on lower eyelid, for a stronger look, eyelines, eyelid fold outlined with graphic ink (open banana) and nude or beige colored lips.
The face make-up is still minimal. The skin must be sleek, uniform, with highlights on the higher peaks of the face.  You can add pink / peach blush.

The must-have products are:

– foundation Melkior Luminous
– Melkior Summer bronze powder
– Melkior liquid eyeliner
– Melkior opaque and metallic eyelid shadow
– Melkior khol stick
– Melkior fake eyelashes made of natural hair


Zsuzsa (Juja) Hidi – make-up artist and trainer at the School of Make-up Melkior. 

 Graduate of professional make-up Kruger Brent Agency. 
 Her portfolio includes: make-up for television (TV shows, commercials, music videos), photo make-up (fashion magazines, brides), fashion make-up (fashion, events), special effects make-up (film, theater, photo shoots) beauty and make-up for events, photo shoots, etc.



My make-up kit is ready for boarding, but, before I leave, Melkior team has offered two presents for you. You can win these Melkior products if you join this contest:

Upload on your Instagram a photo with your favourite make-up (from a professional photo session or one of yours), write “I love this make-up” and add @carmennegoita, @melkiorprofessional, #carmennegoita4melkior. (optional, you can choose to link the Instagram post to your Facebook page). All the photos posted will enter the contest. The winner will be announced on September 18th. Good luck!


You can find the products and Melkior make-up academy on Olari Street or in their shops. More details on


My make-up kit for London Fashion Week
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My make-up kit for London Fashion Week
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