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18 Dec

Criosauna- a revolutionary treatment

My dears, this week I have talked more about health and beauty also. If on Monday I was telling you about food intolerance, today I want to tell you about a new therapy which I’ve tried recently.

We all know the theory about a normal life, including myself and that’s: eight hours of sleep, hydration, periodically detoxification and not only physical but also psychic, healthy food, sport and soul nurturing. Unfortunatelly, myself and many others are caught up in this world in which things change so fast and you need to keep up. This is not always beneficial for our organism.

I am not against aesthetic surgery, but I’m always trying to find non-invasive methods. Prevention is, from my point of view, more important. I’ve tried all sorts of laser therapies, radio frequence, Mesotherapy and many others which I will be talking about and all these because the environment in which I work is pretty agitated, we use a lot of make-up, we have sleepless nights and I’ve seen that my complexion and body have a lot to suffer.

And because I want to achieve everything I want, I will certainly not get in the bed to recover. I will go on a vacation for a while to recharge my batteries, but the same constant restlessness is waiting for me back home. That’s why when I heard of criosauna and its benefits I was thrilled. Any help in the fight with time is welcome.

Criosauna or criotherapy is the wonder treatment which in only three minutes resets your whole organism and offers you health, beauty, detoxification and relaxation. The first time I’ve heard of this practice was from athlets, but I was thrilled to try the modern version. Criosauna is based on one of the oldest therapies in the world- body exposure to cold, but now the therapy takes place in a modern, pleasant and relaxing setting. It’s a technique destined to the prolongation of life and correcting the functional turbulences of the organism.

I couldn’t stay more than one minute for my first session, but the truth is it gave me a lot of energy for that day. I was present at an event, then I drove until six A.M. because I had to be in Arad the next day. 

I asked the specialists from Noblezza a lot of details about the benefits of this therapy in order to share them with you, and some of them I felt myself. I thought it’s very interesting because it also addresses children and I found between the recommendations some that can suit my kids. 

  • It increases the immunity of the organism.
  • It has a direct effect on cellulite.
  • It helps the weight-loss process, because in just one session you can burn between 1000 and 3000 kilocalories.
  • It makes your hair, nails and skin healthier and prettier.
  • It reduces the wrinkles and helps treating the skin condition like cuperosis, rosacea or acne.
  • It reduces fatigue, stress and eliminates migraines, neurosis, depression and appetite disorder.
  • It improves your sleep and sexual life.
  • It accelerates the recovery after trauma or surgery.
  • It is successfully used in skin condition treatments (acne, cuperosis, dermat, psoriasis), rheumatic, hormonal or neurological treatments.
  • It increases the capacity for physical and intellectual effort.
  • It helps the body recover after physical training, eliminating muscle soreness.
  • It stimulates the secretion of endorphins (the happiness hormone) , offering us a general state of wellbeing.
  • It prevents flu and respiratory infections, especially during the cold season.
  • It improves the sight.
  • It helps recover the body thermoregulation system.

And so I listed all the benefits of the procedure, even if for the moment this therapy is for the body only. I heard that a special machine for the face area has just arrived. I can’t wait to test it.

For those who are interested and want more details and also to test this technology, I leave you the address of the place which brought the machine on the market.

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Criosauna- a revolutionary treatment
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