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Carmen Negoita / 2015 / April
29 Apr

Raw Hot Chocolate

Raw hot chocolate is a drink good even for me, even if I am not a big fan of chocolate. It’s a light and energizing drink due to the superfoods it contains, and also for the cocoa content. It’s very easy to prepare with a blender or even by hand, but the ingredients won’t mix up as good. I put alemond milk and hazelnuts, a little raw cocoa with Carob powder, honey, Lukum and maca. You mix them easily and you can even warm it up, but not more than 40 degrees, because then it’s not going to be raw anymore. Easy, right? Enjoy and let me know how it was! Photography by Iuliana Popescu Ciocolata calda raw este o bautura chiar si pentru mine,...
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28 Apr

Pin the ribbon

"Pin the ribbon" is a campaign organised by the Renaissance foundation, together with McCann Bucharest and MRM Romania and it’s purpose is the awareness for the Romanian women about breast cancer, the first cause of death among women from Romania. You’ve certainly read about this kind of campaigns in March, the month when everybody addresses to women. But it’s very important to be aware of this fact all around the year. This campaign has exactly this goal. The pink ribbons in the city want to remind us every day to go for a check-up. And the most beautiful is that each of us can stick such a ribbon for those around us. I did that and I hope you will also like the...
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22 Apr

Raw Smoothie

My dears, I am a devote of food that’s as liquid as possible. In many days, two of my meals are made of raw smoothies or protein shakes. Today I want to show you a smoothie which I tried a while ago and I found it very interesting. For the first composition I added some red beet, honey, two spoons of psyllium bran and alemond milk to make it fluid. I put it in a glass and I left it in the fridge until I made the other composition. The second layer is made of a nectarina, two bananas, ginger, turmeric and alemond milk. If you are patient enough for both layers to harden they will look really nice, each in its own color. But...
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21 Apr

& Other Stories

  H&M is the store that a go to often. The place where I can find cool items which I easily mix with what I already have in my closet. I found clothes just as stylish in the newest member of H&M FAMILY. Yes, it’s another story calles &OTHER STORIES. The story began two years ago, in March 2013 to be specific. We don’t have this store in Romania, but if you go to London, Milan or Barcelona, you have to put on your shopping list a visit to & Other Stories. You will like their story. In this new chapter the attention is focused on the detail and quality regarding the clothing items and the accessory line also. Today’s outfit is made of the...
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17 Apr

Discover Viva Glam – Miley Cyrus for Mac Cosmetics

Myley Cyrus for Mac Cosmetics Miley Cyrus launched two products for VIVA GLAM collection, which will certainly become must-haves: a pink super-sexy lipstick and a pearly lipgloss for creating the perfect duo. Each time you chose to buy a gloss or a lipstick from the VIVA GLAM collection, the money you pay is entirely directed to the humanitarian funds MAC AIDS FUND, whose purpose is to contribute to the increase of life quality of the persons affected by HIV/AIDS. Prices: lipstick 92 lei, Gloss 86 lei For this matter, Mac Cosmetics launched a challenge #buyonelipstick #saveonelife through which we invite all our friends to join the cause. I also invite you to join this cause and make a difference! Stay healthy!   ...
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14 Apr

Yellow stilettos shoes

The girl with 3 yellow stilettos shoes My dear friends, Today I have the pleasure to present an outfit, which was published in Vogue UK. Like last time, I stay in the same register. A simple, light, elegant outfit, where the accessories play a big part. Actually, I could say there is something atypical about it. It’s an outfit with three yellow stilettos shoes. Obviously, a pair of stilettos on, signed by Ana Parvan in collaboration with me. And the thrid shoe is the Louboutin clutch. An original and, why not, funny accessory. The cape from Band Of Creators is to die for. Don’t forget that the Band Of Creators items are created by Romanian designers and, believe me, Romanian design is full of...
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8 Apr

“Spoiled from head to toe” with Hannami Shoes

The idea of being spoiled sounds very good to me, especially because I have very seldom such treatment. Most of the times, shopping is my oasis of pampering. So when I received from Hannami Shoes the proposal to relax for a whole day, and after that to go shopping, I accepted immediately. It sounded so good! I went in the morning to Tony’s Style, where I began a treatment for hair hydration. We continued with manicure, pedicure, make-up, everything ladies want. At the shopping part we arrived at Hannami workshop where I had a very difficult task- to personalize a pair of sandals. If you were never surrounded by a lot of models of shoes and as many leather colors, I advise you...
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