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Carmen Negoita
4 Apr

With what we replace animal protein

Welcome back, my darlings! As I was telling you in the last episode, I promised I’ll invite Alina Stoica again in my kitchen. Since caught her free, I said that we must do more recipes! Today we talk about a problem that many of you do not know how to solve. Meaning how to replace animal protein? Many have chosen to become vegan, but do not know exactly how to supplement their dose of protein, especially those who go to the gym. Today Alina will show us some based avocado recipes, which is the most important type of food that we can use when we are vegans. Alina Stoica: Avocado is really a complete food, how I call it, that we can introduce...
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28 Mar

10 reasons why you should visit Israel – part II

Israel, Akko, travel, trip
Because it was near, the next morning we took a short cruise on the Sea of ​​Galilee, the famous biblical scene where Jesus walked on water. Our group and a group of Chinese people, where the only ones on the boat and the hosts surprised us with a beautiful moment. They raised our countries flags and played each country's national anthem. Then they taught us a traditional Jewish dance After the cruise, I went to Capernaum, the town where Jesus did three miracles, where we visited the ruins of the synagogue and home and St. Peter. We continued our journey to Nazareth where we visited the church that houses the spring where the Archangel appeared to Virgin Mary...
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17 Mar

How to treat water retention

Glad your back, darlings! I’m pleased to have Alina Stoica in my kitchen, nutritionist, who told me about a very important subject for us women, water retention. In addition, Alina offered me three simple recipes, within reach, but very tasty, perfect for those of us who face this problem, whether it's swollen hands or feet. Alina Stoica:,, It is very important to find solutions to every problem we face, particularly healthy solutions. Let's get back to nature and find the appropriate solutions to these problems. " Well, it seems that we have found one of these solutions, and it is right on our tables. For this, together with Alina we cooked three simple recipes with green ingredients rich in...
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16 Mar

10 reasons why you should visit Israel – part I

Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Travel
But first the story. Last month I was invited by Sorin Dutoiu &  Christian Stan  from Travel for Senses in a trip organized with Israeli Ministry of Tourism , to discover what wonderful places this country offers. Until then, Israel meant to me, primarily, holy places full of stories, places that  I wanted to see since I was a kid . I was born into a religious family and studied the Bible every week, so to see those places was a dream come true. But I discovered that Israel is much more than that. I was impressed by how modern this country is, they super nightlife, the food, the avant-garde designers and the last but not least, the very...
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13 Mar

This color makes your outfit look more expensive

Omra outfit, Daniel Welllington watch. Yvy Bags
When I look at this post, the outfit  reminds me of my first camel & blue look and how excited I was for my combination. A pair of straight pants from 7 for All Mankind   and a blue shirt from Massimo Dutti. So simple, yet very cool. Camel is the shade that goes with almost any other color,  suits every type of skin, hair and especially every type  of personality. It all depends on how you combine it. That's why,  when it comes to a capsule wardrobe the camel trench is among the first pieces required. When I saw this blue floral suit from Omra I knew immediately how to  accessorise it. A pair of fur Zenon shoes with a bag from...
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8 Mar

Let’s see the new campaign with Ploiesti Shopping City

With  each change of season the new collections hit the stores. And although I follow closely the trends long before they appear on the high street, it is a pleasure to go shopping and to discover them. I did this for a week in Ploiesti Shopping City; We analyzed and structured the main tendencies in the 6 episodes of the series Shop till you drop. If you follow my blog or social networks, you know I’m on the 3rd campaign with Ploiesti Shopping City, but I liked the most this edition. That's because I was not alone. Together with Gabriela Atanasov  & Stefan Hamza, I had the funniest conversations, but also the deepest. Between shopping, filming and running around the mall,...
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19 Feb

My Palau adventure – Part III

Peleliu Island Bloody Beach
The last part of my Palau adventure began on the island of Peleliu, where one of the most important battles between Americans and Japanese took place in World War II The island is full of remnants reminiscent of the bloody battle. Rusty tanks, guns, and holes in Mount Umurbrogol, from where the  Japanese were defending themselves. Photos by Rares Pulbere I was telling you in the previous post that we stayed at Storyboard, a complex of 6 houses overlooking the beach. The place is very well maintained, good food, but in the evening is better to stay indoors because it is full of insects, crabs and other creatures. In fact the whole island has live beaches in the evening. I do not recommend to...
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23 Jan

8 tips for a warm outfit

What to wear at -15 degrees? An eskimo suit is the correct answer. But how do you combine fashion with the practical side? That was my biggest dilemma in the 2 weeks I spent in Brasov. At approximately -15 degrees and windy, it was a real adventure to go out dressed in anything else than the ski suit. You've certainly seen that on instagram. I'm the #snowman!!! -20 degrees, wind and a lot a snow is the perfect combination. A photo posted by Carmen Negoita (@carmennegoita) on Jan 7, 2017 at 7:21am PST Still, I had a few days in which I managed to do a styling somewhat suited for the season. The secret lies in the quality of the clothes that come in direct...
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16 Jan

7 cities I want to visit in 2017

One of my greatest wishes in 2017, is to travel. And I do not mean in legal holidays or take a city break two 2 times a year. I want to become a professional traveler. Wow how does that sounds.? In black and white it sounds pompous even to me. I am very conscious that my wish in this moment is not feasible, but I think it’s not impossible. So, let's say it's a long-term desire and what I’ll do in the next 12 months will bring me closer to my dream. So this year will begin with a short list of seven new cities that I want to visit. Some are being planned, but the vast majority of them are...
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23 Dec

Christmas Shopping Marathon

Pfff. It's that time of year when we are desperately running to find what we want, when we're stuck in traffic and so on. But I love it , I must admit. Even though I get angry it is a positive vibe in the air, celebration time, and this gives me a good feeling. In the last minute I got my "gang" and we went caroling. Ingrid more excited, and Harry because of moms nagging. We wandered almost all the shops, my darlings, but do not think we're done. The important thing is that we found some super nice gifts for our loved ones. From Mac 2 sets from the Nutcracker collection, from Sephora a Makeup Forever travel set and one from Tony...
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