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Carmen Negoita / 2015 / September
25 Sep

How to make alemond milk at home

Today I’m going to show you a basic recipe, which will help very much in the kitchen. And for all my friends, who asked, I will show how easy it is. You can make it in any blender, but a powerful one will give it a difference consistency. But any step is a step, it doesn’t matter how small it is, so start with what you have. You need 200g of alemonds (I use the ones from Bioritmo; soon they will also have an online shop), filtered water, a special bag and dishes where to separate. The procedure, as you can see in the movie, doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes. If you want to give it a different taste you can put...
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23 Sep

#LFW Day 3

Denim Mania !!! Denim has always been a trend, but in the last two seasons I've seen a real explosion in designer collections and in street style outfits. I can not say that I dislike it, because I am of fan denim. It is comfortable, stylish and easy to accessorize. For the third day of London Fashion Week, I combined these Zara indigo jeans with a spectacular Venera Arapu dress. A mix of textures, leather, cotton, with back transparencies and a fun print, which is very significant for collection slogan "If the music is too loud, you are too old". As accessories I chose nude platform shoes from Gucci, which make me a little taller, yuppi, an envelope with an interesting design...
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21 Sep

#LFW Day 2

After 14 hours in heels in the first day at London Fashion Week, the second day  I chose more comfortable outfit. The black & white oxford shoes from my collection with Ana Parvan were a hit among photographers, but also a good reason to give my feet a moment of relaxation. Relaxation is inaccurate to say, when I run all day from one show to another. Even in your most comfortable shoes your feet swell. If an outfit is comfortable it doesn't mean it can't be stylish at the same time. My outfit of the day at LFW was "simple" at first sight but with many wow factors. Printed silk, bomber jacket from Argo, combined with a quilted skirt from Irina Schrotter and accessorized...
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19 Sep

#LFW Day 1

If the last 3 editions #LFW become very predictable for me this season came with a big change, namely the new BFC location. Most live shows will take place in Soho, where do you think? In a car parking !!! The organizers have made a whole setup here. The idea is cool to some extent, but awkward in terms of street style photos. But regardless of location, #LFW has its specific vibe and I'm glad to be back every year. I also enjoyed to see my dear friends again, this, besides hard work, scurry from one place to another, food and nights of walking with few hours of sleep, make up the joy of Fashion Week. I started the day with Bora Aksu's...
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18 Sep

Sephora Beauty Challenge

Beauty Challenge As I said in the last post, makeup and skincare play an essential role in our lives. They help us highlight our features and gives us confidence. Since I understood this things, I became passionate about the industry  which helps me evolve every day. My 5 short beauty tips are as follows: - natural eyebrows emphasise your eyes and contour harmoniously your  face shape - a 10 min massage and a mask  in the evening help you radiate in the morning. I will soon show you an inexpensive and very practical massage tutorial. - a creamy blush applied discreetly gives you fresh look,  as you touched a little by the sun. - cleansing mask 3 times a week. Helps clear dead cells and everything you...
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15 Sep

At what age do we fell the best in our skin?

At what age do we fell the best in our skin? A lot of women avoid telling their age and I don’t understand why. From experience I know that, as we get older, we get more confident, more aware of our qualities, so more free. Recently I found a photo of myself from 7-8 years ago in which I was wearing a dress I still have in my closet. No comment about how I looked back then and what attitude and style I had. On my birthday, I told myself I should be auto-ironic and to compare my youth ages and the 35 years I make today. The conclusions I reached after this review (some of them I knew long time ago) 1. Money doesn’t...
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12 Sep

Carmen’s kitchen

Carmen's kitchen You asked me many times on Instagram or the Facebook page how do I prepare certain products that I post so I’ve decided to make a rubric on my Youtube channel where I can show you how I do it, not just write a recipe. Also, on the new Facebook page, Carmen’s kitchen, I’m trying to post what I eat in a day, things made by me or from the town. They are not raw-vegan products or recipes, but a healthy lifestyle, sometimes low-carb, to help me with my weight-losing program. By the way, I lost two and a half kg! Yupppy!! In my weight-losing program I was telling you that after exercising I use a proteic shake. If you didn’t...
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11 Sep

Back-to-school Survival Guide

The beginning of the school year can be overwhelming for each parent. Including me. I’m proud of my children, but I must admit that the first day of school comes with a lot of requests, expenses and early waking up. That’s also true for parents with kindergarden children. I see that at my cousins. Each has two girls, aged from four to six (except the “butterfly” who is one year old, who will certainly be as pretentious as the older ones in a while). Well, these girls have a well established ritual before leaving for kindergarden. Hanny is six years old and she cares a lot about how she looks like. She is a perfectionist Virgo (like myself) who cares for her...
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7 Sep

Brow mapping & how to shape your eyebrows

Thin or natural eyebrows? I’m  pretty sure that the vast majority will say natural. The thin eyebrows trend, overly plucked is long gone and now natural eyebrows are popular.  I've never been  a fan of the very thin eyebrows trend, I really tried all sorts of techniques like castor oil, and semi- permanent tattoo,  of which now I think that made look very tough (tougher than I seem now J). I will not tell you that my tattoo faded and I reddish eyebrows. A year ago I discovered a new technique which I liked because it doesn’t use tweezers that much. I have already talked about the Benefit Brow bars here and how you can have perfect eyebrows.  What I want to show...
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2 Sep

Fall Winter Mac Makeup Trends

Photography and video by Iuliana Popescu A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to directly interact with two senior make-up artists, who presented the tendencies for fall/winter 2015/2016. Netta Szekely and Alexandra Spyrydopolou made live demonstrations, made us familiar with the newest products from Mac Cosmetics, the company in which they work, and answered us a series of questions. The best part was a personalized make-up, made by Netta. Of course that in the two hours when we were together we talked about makeup and about personal things. I tried, besides stealing working techniques, to find our more about what modern, actual make-up means. I tried to show you as much as possible from our long conversation, and the applying techniques are...
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