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31 Dec

Happy New Year, 2015!

My dears, we reached the end of another year!!! Another year in which we laughed, we cried, we achieved a lot of things and failed at others, but it was definitely an year in which we lived with intensity. At the end of every year I try to make a balance sheet. This year I’m writing about what 2014 meant and of course, a wishlist for 2015. I believe that many of you are doing the same thing and it’s good to analyze yourself, but especially to set high and constructive goals for the next year.  We all want material things and it’s normal, because we’re trying to make sure we have a decent life and the possibility to travel, to...
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26 Dec

Carrots cream soup

I know that lately I couldn’t keep you posted about all my culinary experiments. I promised to show you the recipe for a soup with cashew sour cream and now I’m keeping it.  Ingredients: 6 screaped carrots, one avocado, a 3 cm piece of ginger, 1 clove of garlic, 50g fresh tomatoes, 2 spoons of Himalaya salt, one teaspoon of turmerique. We put them all in the Thermomix or in the blender and we mix for 10 seconds. We add 300ml of water and we mix well until it looks like a cream soup. We put it in bowls, and we add a spoon of cashew sour cream.  Enjoy and I’m waiting for your impressions.  ...
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26 Dec

Travel journal

My dears, today I want to talk about one of my biggest passions, travel. I don’t know many people who don’t like to travel, to discover the world, but I certainly met people who complain about the road to the destination. I am one of those persons who never get bored, no matter how long the road. Even if I choose the car, the train or the plane, I always have something to do or I just enjoy the road and listen to music. I have to admit that my favourite trips are the ones by plane. From the moment I set foot in the airport I have an absolute feeling of freedom. Even if I have motion sickness and...
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24 Dec

Happy Christmas!

My dears, I don’t know about you, but lately I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything that I want. I’m on continous stir, trying to be multitasking, but sometimes I forget about important things.  Why am I talking to you about time in a Christmas post? Because on these occasions I try to make up for the time I didn’t spend with my kids and the rest of my family. I’m sure I can’t compensate for restless months with three or four relaxing days, but I have a very good feeling even if I compensate with short rounds. One of the things on my wish list for 2015 is this: more free time to spend with my...
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20 Dec

Dear Santa I want it all

My dears, because we are all caught in the Christmas presents fever, I wanted to help you with a small selection which maybe will make your search easier. Jewelry, clothes and cosmetics are your favourites for sure and no matter how many we have, we don’t mind  receiving new ones. So because I tested and like them, I wanted to recommend them to you also. And I’m waiting for suggestions from you with what you have tested and liked recently. This life is for sharing, loving, learning, smiling, so let’s do this.   For you, dear gentlemen, I chose less items, that’s true, but I’m sure that some of the things I chosed appeal to you.   elf Makeup & Cosmetics - Top Rated...
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18 Dec

Criosauna- a revolutionary treatment

My dears, this week I have talked more about health and beauty also. If on Monday I was telling you about food intolerance, today I want to tell you about a new therapy which I’ve tried recently.We all know the theory about a normal life, including myself and that’s: eight hours of sleep, hydration, periodically detoxification and not only physical but also psychic, healthy food, sport and soul nurturing. Unfortunatelly, myself and many others are caught up in this world in which things change so fast and you need to keep up. This is not always beneficial for our organism.I am not against aesthetic surgery, but I’m always trying to find non-invasive methods. Prevention is, from my point of view,...
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15 Dec


My dears, as you know, I am really concerned about nutrition and I’m trying to eat healthy and correctly most of the time. I said this thing before and I repeat: a percentage between 60-90% of raw aliments is the best for combining with little pleasures. Besides all this, it’s important to know that there are aliments that can harm you even if they are healthy if you have a specific intolerance. Well, I tried these days the PINNER TEST, which is the most recent test for finding out your food intolerances, launched even in the United States with the approval of FDA (Food and Drug Administration). After taking it I received some very useful recommendations which I want to...
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10 Dec


What comes to mind when you think of London? Perhaps some stereotypes: the five o’clock tea, rain or Big Ben. But I would add to the list an emblematic item - Burberry trench coat. Burberry is not just a fashion label, for the United Kingdom represents an important symbol. About the history of the trench I wrote some time ago here. When I travel to London, I prefer to wear this item at any time, all day long. Suitable for the urban exploration and shopping, Burberry trench is practical and stylish. A versatile piece with endless possibilities. Enjoy!   Photography by OANA MIHOC Location LONDON   ...
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7 Dec

Cashew sour cream

I’ve been trying to find a way to replace cheese, yogurt and sour cream for a while. Not totally, but in a 70-80% proportion. I don’t know if you know this, but cheese is harder to digest than meat and that’s why I’m trying to avoid it. Even though, from time to time I get a craving for cheese and tomatoes. Today I managed to find a very good recipe for sour cream. I’m still working on that for yogurt and cheese. Raw sour cream is made of cashew(caju).    You will need: 250g of cashew Half a lemon’s juice One spoon of Himalaya salt One spoon of apple vinegar Around 150 ml of waterPut the cashew in water for four hours of soaking,...
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5 Dec

Knitwear is very trendy

 The sweater is one of the most popular items from our wardrobe this season. We wear it firstly for its warmth, but at the same time it’s an item which will never get out of fashion. From one season to the other, designers tried to redraw it, exactly the way it happened with this winter’s collections. For a sophisticated and trendy look, the biggest fashion houses proposed sweaters accessorized with fur, combined with leather articles, or went for all-knit outfits. Me, for example, I mixed for today an oversized sweater, worn as a dress with a thick knit cardigan. For a nicely-shaped silhouette, the belt played its part well in the outfit. It perfecly highlighted the waistline. Conclusion? The sweaters...
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