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12 Nov

Natural Nutrition- the beauty cult product

Recently I had the honour of being the host of a special event for me. As I was telling you in the previous post, we introduce a lot of chemicals in our organism daily through air and processed aliments. Another way that our body is invaded by this chemicals is through what we apply on the surface of our body, like creams, deodorants and make-up. I was telling during the event about a study that I read some time ago and I want to share it with you also; it got to the conclusion that annualy we have a three kilograms intake of chemicals only from what we apply on our skin. That’s why I was very excited when I was offered the opportunity to join a project that understands how important is excluding the chemicals from our lives as much as possible. 

NN, Natural Nutrition is a new natural cosmetics brand based on essential oils from plants which conquered me through their philosophy “we don’t want to put on our body something we would never happily put inside of it”. It’s a brand based on promoting health, but at the same time it perfectly understands the value of esthetics in our days. That’s why, before testing their creams variety, you will be fascinated by the minimalistic packs, the simplicity of the graphics which makes you think of pharmacy products. The product itself contains everything our skin needs, like minerals, amino acids, vitamins, essential fatyy acids, antioxidants, elements which offer real benefits to our skin. 

NN adresses to an informed public that is open to everything that is new in this domain, who can appreciate statement brands, but understands the importance of going back to the origins. The base of Natural Nutrition represents going back to the origins, because it was created after natural recipes of pharmacist Maria Ardelean and the other details are from the modern zone. It’s the perfect mix from my point of view. As a conclusion I want to write a quote of Mrs. Maria Ardelean whom I had the honour of meeting that night and in which perfectly describes the modern woman, preocupied with her appearance. “For the women which believe in the power of natural ingredients from a cosmetic cream more than in the power of chemical compounds. For the ones that understand that a beautiful skin needs to be constantly nourished and not only periodically energized. For them I created NN Natural Nutrition.” 
I certainly find myself in her description and I hope you do too. You can find more details about the products on and in the Sensiblu farmacies. Enjoy! 

Tatiana Ernuteanu, Carmen Negoita, Cristina Soare.

Carmen Andrei, Eli Roman.

Dorin Negrau, Livia Dila.

Sonia Argint Ionescu, Suzana Vasilescu, Ana Morodan.

Maria Radu, Livia Graur.

Diana Bart, Elena Taranu.

Andreea Joita, Camelia Baltoi.

Dalia Pusca, Anca Irina Lefter, Anca Serea.

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Natural Nutrition- the beauty cult product
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