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18 Oct

An 80’s moment at NYFW

If you read my blog from the beginning and saw my blogging evolution , you surely noticed that I like to experiment almost with fashion styles . I think in life you have to experiment and don’t limit yourself to certain things. Often, I mix contemporary trending pieces, with older items in my wardrobe. But when I say old, I do not mean "outdated" because I invest in timeless pieces that can be worn several seasons. In the other post when I told you about the new Furla store in Baneasa Shopping City, I said  I picked two bags from their shelves. Well, the second choice is a very stylish and popular bucket bag. From my point of view, it is likely...
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17 Oct

10 rules to survive the Fashion Week

Fashion weeks are over and you’ve saw some bloggers day by day, running from a show to another in all four fashion capitals. If you think this is easy, you are wrong. Just who has been there can understand what is really going on. It is true that in the first season adrenaline is high. Everything new, you learn how things work and feel so much feet pain, hunger or fatigue. In time, however, when certain things become routine (not talking about the collections, you always wait them anxiously) you start to become conscious of the more basic needs of the body. Each blogger has little tricks to survive this period. Personally I do not know if I could last more than 2...
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10 Oct

New in town Furla Store

I remember dearly my first Furla bag, which I kept until today. It is roomy, black and I bought it in Rome. Ten years ago big brands weren’t that present in Romania. Today, fortunately, we have access to them easily. When I received the invitation to visit the new Furla store in Baneasa Shopping City, I was super excited. I took advantage of the situation and chose two bags from NYFW looks, which I’m sure you’ve seen on instagram and snapchat. Yes, it was very hard for me to decide after I entered the store and say all those little wonders. When you like a piece and you see it in every colour, you start to imagine how many outfit combos you...
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6 Oct

Romanian designers at NYFW

Because I believe in the work of Romanian designers, at every Fashion Week I try to combine made in RO pieces in my outfits, we do have reasons to be proud. It’s true that the big brands are more popular with street style photographers, but I believe that a mix made only with a very known brands aren’t that original. I always thought and still have the same opinion, that you combine pieces from young designers with mass market brands and add a touch of luxury brands, you put your creativity to work. A catwalk outfit looks spectacular indeed, but it isn’t your creation but the designer’s. I promised in the last post that I'll tell you about the presence of Romanian...
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20 Sep

New York Fashion Week

My first fashion week was 3 years ago, here in NY, so I waited with impatience to get back. I was curious how things evolved and how the shows are organised now, given that the location at Lincoln Center is no longer available. I remember dearly that location. Now, the shows take place in different locations about 3 primary and many underground individual locations and in personal showrooms. In parallel with the main agenda there are also 3 major agencies, which have shows. Which means that many are happening at the same time and sometimes you can not go at them all. My first day at NYFW began with two presentations, one at 9 and another at 10 am, which I missed...
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10 Sep

Charles & Ron and the Fairy Valley

A year ago I discovered this enchanted place from the pics of Alin Pandaru & I was very impressed. So, I took the kids one weekend on a road trip on the Transfagarasan road determined to see where’s this Lord of The Rings like home. On the outside it looks incredible, it’s still under construction but has a huge potential. This year, when I heard that my friends from Charles & Ron will showcase their collection at the Clay Castel from Fairy Valley, I was very excited. Couldn’t wait to see how the construction evolved, but I was very curious to see the collection also. The result was incredible! The hotel is almost ready for visitors, but even in this stage it...
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24 Aug

Why I chose to be a blogger

Three years ago I didn’t know anything about blogging and I still have more to learn. I knew that I was reading fashion mags & books for pure pleasure, strolling the streets & window shopping, I had a luggage full of make up, even though I didn’t know how to use them properly.  Still, I loved their colours, packages, fragrances & the feeling that they gave me when I was buying them. In time, I stopped impulsive shopping.. ehm, I still do it sometimes. I wasn’t passing through the best period of my life, so I decided to do something I love, a kind of an antidepressant treatment if you’d like, a very excellent one to be sincere. Blaming the zodiac here,...
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12 May

Vivid colors

Do you know that moment when you count the days until holiday? Me too! Although I never really break up with my work, I am waiting for those few days during which I shouldn’t jump out of bed when the alarm goes on and I shouldn’t run from one place to another while my cellphone is constantly ringing. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for our vacation even though  our mind is already there. Pantone noticed this year our wish to escape from the daily routine, the everyday monotony and  especially the stress we accumulate. Thus, the colors of 2016 (rose quartz and serenity) were chosen precisely because they give us a peaceful state of mind. Because I already think about summer, the...
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13 Apr

Una Notte a Milano

Pink Martini sings about Una Notte a Napoli. If had a musical talent, I would have written a song about Una Notte a Milano. This fashion capital dressed in the night's darkness seems so special. The colorful light of the bars, restaurants and boutiques give you the impression of jewels made by old Italian artisans. To wander Milans' streets is a true pleasure, especially during fashion week. It is full of people, the style that unites everyone bringing so much joy. Though, the areas with the most open all night places are: Porta Garibaldi, Porta Ticinese, Porta Sempione, Porta Romana and the 2 nocturnal neighborhoods, Navigli & Brera. For a nocturnal panoramic view, I recommend you do the city tour which costs...
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